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How I got introduced to amigurumi

My first entry is going to be dedicated to amigurumi. Why? Because this is my latest love, joy and something I am still getting into. I never thought I could actually make my own toy, one that looks great and is a pleasure to create. Yet as it turned out, amigurumi – crochet toys – is something available to make even for beginners, and there are plenty of great patterns (free and paid) available online.

Perhaps I’d never have found out amigurumi, if not for my cats. My younger cat, Ciri, is crazy about small mice toys. I buy them all the time, and they keep disappearing in some secret places where neither I, nor my cats can find them. So it was only natural to start wondering – hey, what about making a few of these myself?

Now, there are many patterns and tutorials available online. But a mouse toy is pretty basic, there is not much philosophy in it, so I just made my own without keeping any kind of stitch count, just starting with six single crochets worked into magic circle (pretty common in amigurumi patterns), and increasing and decreasing when necessary. When I made a few of them, I decided to look for some nicer mouse patterns and that’s how I discovered the world of crocheted stuffed animals and other toys.

My first discovery was the fantastic website by Sharon Ojala, Amigurumi To Go. Sharon creates beautiful, elegant and simple patterns, and shares them totally free online. She also has a youtube chanel where she explains everything with great patience. Her small Teddy Bear and Little Big Foot Giraffe and Monkey were my first “real” amigurumis. To my surprise, they turned out pretty great!


And then two sloths followed – both paid patters, totally worth the price:

Side the Ice Age sloth and Sura the huggable sloth:

Other toys are to follow, and I have a few ideas for my own amigurumi. I still need some more confidence and skill to create what I have in my mind, but I’m optimistic to get there eventually 🙂 At the moment, I have some small toys for cats in my drawer and I’m planning to make more of them during summer – all to be sold online to support cat rescue charities.

So – is amigurumi for you? Yes, if you know basics of crocheting, especially single crochet stitch, and if you love fast, fun projects which will surely make you popular among all kids in your family. For any beginner, I recommend Sharon’s website (link in text above), as her patterns are not only great, but also free, which matters when you are not sure whether amigurumi is your pair of shoes and whether you’re going to enjoy it.





7 thoughts on “How I got introduced to amigurumi

  1. I love your amigurumi! I have been experimenting with them for a while now and I was wondering about the ones you make for your cats. I have made a few of them for cats for my sister and the stuffing has always managed to start working its way out through the crochet stitches. Not big amounts of it just a little. Do you stuff yours with fiber fill? Do you find that your cat’s little claws manage to get little pieces of the stuffing to work out? Sorry this is so long. Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Julie, thanks for visiting my blog! When I crochet toys for cats, I use wool-alpaca mix (leftovers) or thick cotton and crochet with much smaller hook than normally. This way the gauge is very tight and the toy is really sturdy. But cats have their ways and eventually they manage to dismantle every toy … still, that’s not a problem as I enjoy making them 🙂 As for the filling, yes, I use fiber fill – if I make the toy as I described, it stays inside for longer. I plan to make a few more cat toys before summer ends and when I do, I will post more about them 🙂

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