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Bavarian stitch sofa cushion


Some time ago I bought this book on Amazon. I had no clue what Bavarian crochet was, it seemed to me like some traditional stitch or pattern from Germany. As I learned, it’s quite a modern stitch designed by the book’s author.

Bavarian stitch is sometimes called a “yarn-eater” or “wool-eating stitch” and I must agree: while crocheting in general requires more yarn than knitting, Bavarian stitch goes a step (or a few steps in fact) further. For this small sofa cushion I used a few skeins of acrylic-polyester Sirdar DK yarn (cannot say how much exactly as I started with scrap yarn from different projects and then had to buy three more skeins which I used almost completely).

The stitch is nice, it gives this interesting, 3-dimensional effect, and it’s easy to create nice shading between colours.

The wrong side looks a bit like Catherine Wheel stitch:


I will surely use this stitch again in the future, perhaps for another cushion – I love its old-fashioned look and thick structure.




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