It’s still summer, but I’m preparing for autumn

I miss Polish autumn here in Ireland, where all seasons are pretty much alike: rain or more rain, oh, and did I mention rain? Although I don’t complain, I like this mild climate here and I certainly don’t miss Polish winters!

My first year in Ireland I spent in Galway at the Atlantic coast and the constant storms and cold winds were quite a challenge for me to survive, especially that Irish houses are not very well built or isolated: every day our dehumidifier was full of water and no amount of heating could make the house actually warm. That’s still nothing compared to friends’ house where some lovely mushrooms (I mean real ones, with hat and all) grew on the bathroom wall from the humidity…

Now, after moving to Dublin, I appreciate its milder, calmer climate a lot. It’s just pleasant and I got so used to the rain that I even stopped carrying the umbrella with me all the time. It rains? So what? In Poland weather often made me feel down, and when it rained, it REALLY rained – sometimes even for weeks. Then other times we had weeks of drought and heat. It all just lasted way too long. Here on the contrary, they say that if you don’t like the weather, worry not – it will certainly change in five minutes. And it does! And I just can’t feel worried with the rain when I know that any minute it can be very sunny again.

But let’s get back to the Polish autumn – this is what I miss a lot… I don’t mean gloomy and sad November, I mean sunny, bright, colourful Indian Summer of September and October. I miss all the amazing colours, the fresh smell in the air, and the sense of new hope as this is the time when new school year begins and new plans are made.

Irish fall has its own beauty and I enjoy it a lot, but in my heart, there’s no comparison. Perhaps I’m a little biased too 😉

But why am I writing about it? Well, I finally managed to shift my focus from toys to other stuff. And what I made is definitely perfect for autumn. Before I write about it, a disclaimer: no, I am not paid by Garnstudio, although I know it might seem suspicious that I’m mentioning Drops yarn again (and I surely will in the future). It’s just because some time ago I made a big order in an online yarn store in Poland selling Drops and now my stash is full and I am slowly using up all this wool, alpaca and cotton. Some are cheaper versions, others less so, of better quality. And the purchase I enjoy the most is Drops Delight – fingering yarn, wool and acrylic mix.

I bought this yarn in three colourway versions, all of them self-striping: Green, Raspberry Cake and Autumn Forest. I have actually nineteen skeins of Raspberry Cake and a few ideas how to use them, but at first I decided to test Green (I bought two skeins of this colourway and four skeins of Autumn Forest):


I started crocheting these gloves without any pattern, not even sure if I wanted them fingerless or full. As I kept working on them, I constantly compared them to my hand size and increased or decreased whenever it seemed necessary. I also decided to add some popcorn stitch here and there on the upper part of the gloves, because, well, why not? Since my stitches are usually tight, and I used single crochet, the gloves are a bit stiff, and that is why in the end I decided not to add fingers. I finished them with an edging which seemed to fit the gloves and here they are!


As you can see (especially on the upper photo), some popcorns are actually fake – that means I added them after the gloves had been finished (you can tell which ones because they are not the same shade as their background, contrary to the real popcorn stitch), because I decided that  it would look better with more of them.

All in all, I am rather pleased with the results. I used one skein, so I still have another one to make a matching hat or, more likely, another pair of gloves, this time with fingers – I’m not sure yet.

I also really love the colourway – this is the coniferous forest, with dark Spruce trees and with moss on the bark… my photos don’t do them justice, in reality the colours look deeper and more intense.

At the moment I am working on a beautiful shawl and for this project, I chose the same yarn but in Autumn Forest colourway. To be honest I am completely in love with it and when it is finished, which should be pretty soon,  I will show it here for sure 🙂





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