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Autumn Forest


I’m staying in the autumn land and keep crocheting cozy, warm accessories which will be so great to wear in a few months. From gloves I moved on to the shawl, following the pattern called The Virus Shawl, found on Ravelry.

This patterns remains quite a mystery from what I read on the internet. It’s been online for a while now, and the author is unknown. The Raveler who published it is not the author. I also wonder why the name…

But leaving the controversies aside, the pattern is available in the form of a chart, which is really simple, very clear and easy to follow. Once you understand how the rounds are repeated, it becomes a very pleasant work: it doesn’t require too much focus, there is no need to count stitches (which is the case with toys) and even though some attention is necessary not to confuse the rounds, it’s not too demanding.

Initially I was going to make it for a relative, but once I started and I saw these colours, I knew that they were just designed for my friend 🙂 These are her colours and I can so imagine her wrapped in this shawl! So I guess, I know what her Christmas gift is going to be this year 😉

Here is the finished shawl:


And a close-up photo to show more of these fabulous colours:


Finally, the scallop edging I used:


I used four skeins of yarn to make it, and the shawl is just large enough to wrap it around the arms and back and feel warm and nice. I made it mostly while watching TV or doing other things, and it took me four days – a skein per day in fact.

There is another shawl I want to make but perhaps later, after my other projects are finished, and today when I went grocery shopping I just couldn’t resists checking my local yarn store and ended up buying yarn for it… so I guess even if it has to wait, it just has to be done now!



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