Tangled in the web


Some time ago I bought a few skeins of black Sirdar Soukie – a shiny, polyester, acrylic and cotton DK yarn with tiny sequins. I seldom use black yarn (and black in general), I’m not really a fan, but there are some things for which it suits. For instance hats or scarfs, especially that I prefer my winter/ fall jackets not to be black (my latest purchase is deliciously red!), so using it in accessories is fine. That’s why, when I saw this yarn on sale, I thought about a nice new scarf or hat and bought it without much thinking.

I wanted a scarf which could be used both wrapped around the neck, with a jacket, or just  around my arms, instead of a cardigan. I didn’t want a very complicated, ornate patter, because the yarn itself is a little festive, so I wouldn’t like the result of, as the Polish expression says, “too much goodness”.

I decided to choose this free pattern: Artfully Simple Angled Scarf by Tamara Kelly. I had a scarf like that in the past, one that could seem too light (or as my boyfriend used to say – too full of holes) to keep me warm, but in fact, when wrapped around the neck, it worked pretty well. So I decided to give it a try and it was a very good choice.

The pattern is very simple yet like with the Virus Shawl, it requires some attention, which is what I always like: I can make it while watching an episode of a serial, but I can’t let my mind wander off too much. A bit of focus, a bit of freedom 🙂 This way it doesn’t get boring easily and it’s really relaxing to work on it.

My scarf, compared to the original, is made with thicker yarn, so the overall effect is a bit different, and it’s heavier. It works pretty well with the jacket and without it. It can look more festive when the lights are on and the sequins become visible, or more modest in daylight. It’s also very elastic. I am really happy with it.

What I’m not happy with, are my photography skills, so no matter how much I tried, I didn’t manage to show it’s beauty really well. Nevertheless, here it is – you can see the angled edge from which the pattern was named as well as some delicate shine from the tiny sequins:


I think I might reach for this pattern again in the future, with a thinner yarn and perhaps modifying it a little to double the length of chains between the double crochet stitches.

For now, I have one skein of this yarn left (I used four skeins for the scarf), and I would like to make a beret or a slouchy hat. But to make it, first I need to check the store for at least one more skein 🙂





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