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Pasta time!

Last week was really busy, so much so that there was not much time for crocheting or for my knitting lessons. I was in Brussels for a couple of days and I had quite a lot to read before going to prepare for the meeting. I was hoping that once in Brussels, I could find some time and look for local yarn stores (I’m obsessed, I know) but the days were really tightly planned and filled with work so it wasn’t possible. A bit of a pity, especially that the weather was fantastic and a stroll around the city centre would be really nice.

Due to my job I visit Brussels usually twice a year, first for the initial training in the fall, and then in winter/ early spring for panel discussions. Last time I’ve been there, it was shortly before the terrorist attacks at the airport and in the metro – after the earlier Paris events there was already some tension felt throughout the city, with armed soldiers walking around. Now, the emergency measures are more strict at the airport and around railway stations, and there are lots of heavily armed soldiers with dogs in all the strategic places and on the streets. But despite that, the city remains vibrant and busy as ever and I love that – there is life despite the threat and nobody accepts living in fear.

The only thing I managed to crochet recently is the Flying Spaghetti Monster hat for my Brother. It was so much fun to work on it! Here you can see His Majesty:dsc01560

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Afghan and first knitting lesson

Yesterday I finished the afghan for my Mother. It took me about two weeks and it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be 🙂

But I am not very happy with it to be honest. It is as I planned, very simple, basic grannies, just to fit her style and her bedroom (I don’t think she’d be very happy with some flowery pattern), but in the end I think that I should have added one more colour (two rows in the centre of each square) and definitely should have used some other shade of brown instead of the beige. With other colours in the throw, it doesn’t even look like beige anymore but more like grey! Not happy about this grey-ish look at all, I think it ruins the final effect a lot.


Well, but I try to think positive, it will definitely suit the terracotta/ orange elements in my Mum’s room (she loves warm, positive colours) and it is really cozy and warm! And just the right size to cover her legs and snuggle up reading a book on a cold winter evening, with both her dogs next to her 🙂

This afghan still needs to be washed and blocked very carefully, not to stretch it but to unfold the edges.

I am thinking about making another one for my Dad, in shades of blue, and rippled. Not now, but hopefully I’ll manage to buy yarn for it before December and make it for him. Initially I thought to make him a hat, gloves and scarf, but a nice throw seems like a better idea.

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Cats, crochet and some knitting


I am working on the warm alpaca/ wool blend throw/ blanket for my Mum. I decided to use simple, basic granny squares, as my Mum likes rather geometric shapes, and I think these warm colours will look great in her bedroom. If I could start over with different yarn, I’d only change this grey-ish dark beige, probably to some bright warm brown or terracotta. Other than that, I’m quite happy with this project and it’s not as boring as I thought it would be.

I also decided that this drawer organizer is much more comfortable than any typical craft/ knitting bag I could find (I try to ignore its colour too), and it helps me secure my work from ever-present cat hair. Well, except that I’m not the only one in the house who is happy  to use it…


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Another doll


This is Eunice, my second doll. Better one, I might add, at least in my opinion.

I spent the last week crocheting her as some details were a bit fiddly, and the hair were just a lot of work – not because they are very complicated but quite time- and wool-consuming.

But it was time spent well, a very nice, relaxing project, which gave me a lot of joy. I love making toys, each time I try I am quickly completely hooked and forget about the world around me – which is quite a good thing these days as it’s not the best time in my life.

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