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Another doll


This is Eunice, my second doll. Better one, I might add, at least in my opinion.

I spent the last week crocheting her as some details were a bit fiddly, and the hair were just a lot of work – not because they are very complicated but quite time- and wool-consuming.

But it was time spent well, a very nice, relaxing project, which gave me a lot of joy. I love making toys, each time I try I am quickly completely hooked and forget about the world around me – which is quite a good thing these days as it’s not the best time in my life.

Eunice was made following the pattern called Doll Monja by CAROcreated Design. It’s not a free pattern but completely worth paying for it. Very detailed, with many photos and explanations. I made some changes compared to the original, and most important was the way in which I attached the limbs – they are not positionable in my doll. I preferred her to be softer, more huggable, so I attached the legs in front of the lower part of the torso and didn’t use dental floss for it. I also didn’t make the head and body separately, but crocheted them in one piece, with shorter neck, to make it more stable. Another thing is the hair: at first I’d used too small hook for the yarn and they turned out curly. I’d wanted to change it but then I actually decided to keep it this way. I like her crazy hairstyle full of locks! I think it suits her 🙂


I also love the details of her clothes: her cardigan (used up the remaining yarn from my black angled scarf), shawl and shoes. Especially the shoes!



I named her Eunice because she will be a gift for a girl with this name. I just still have to make something for her siblings – another doll for the sister and a teddy for their little brother. And then I hope they’ll have at least as much fun playing them as I did making them 🙂

Now I think it’s finally time to start working on the throw I promised to make for my Mom… it’s a bit scary as it’s such a large project and it’s going to take some time to make all the repetitive granny squares. But I think she’ll like it so it’s all worth it. Plus my brother requested a hat with the Flying Spaghetti Monster on it, so when I feel tired with the throw and need a break, I will have something else to focus on for a while 🙂



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