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Cats, crochet and some knitting


I am working on the warm alpaca/ wool blend throw/ blanket for my Mum. I decided to use simple, basic granny squares, as my Mum likes rather geometric shapes, and I think these warm colours will look great in her bedroom. If I could start over with different yarn, I’d only change this grey-ish dark beige, probably to some bright warm brown or terracotta. Other than that, I’m quite happy with this project and it’s not as boring as I thought it would be.

I also decided that this drawer organizer is much more comfortable than any typical craft/ knitting bag I could find (I try to ignore its colour too), and it helps me secure my work from ever-present cat hair. Well, except that I’m not the only one in the house who is happy  to use it…


In other news, I bought some awesome yarn yesterday. I went to This Is Knit – not sure if it’s heaven or hell for me. Heaven because of all the fantastic yarn, hell because it just overwhelms me and I simply cannot choose!

But finally I had to and this is what I bought:

Two skeins of golden/bronze Katia Air Lux – I love its softness and how light it is! I’m going to make a scarf for my Aunt with it, she loves shiny things and gold, and the yarn is perfect for such feminine, elegant projects.

Then there are two skeins of Malabrigo Sock yarn (I just couldn’t resists these colours!) – which will be used to make… yup, another scarf/ shawl. This time for myself. Out of the four shawls or scarfs made recently (including the two I’m planning to make), two are gifts and two are for me. I think it’s a good balance of selfish and selfless crocheting, don’t you agree? 😉

Finally, the Mondial crochet cotton in pearl grey. I am planning to create a doily or a table centerpiece. Just because I need to try that, but I have to admit that my eyes are already aching when I think of staring for hours at the small crochet hook and this thread… but hey, challenges are good!

I also decided that I need to learn to knit, or at least try. In the past my Mum taught me some basic stitches – I don’t even know their names in English (yet, but I’m going to learn it all). But again, like with crocheting I felt discouraged soon because I didn’t know how to move on from knitting just squares or simple scarfs. Plus, my Mum herself didn’t know much more than what she’d taught me and my Grandmothers (both excellent knitters) were too far away to teach me.

So I ordered some knitting needles and books for beginners, and all of it arrived today:


Yes, I know I went a little over the top with the amount of knitting needles and with “The Next Steps” book (it’s really quite advanced, with sweaters and gloves), but I usually tend to be an over-achiever… Anyways, I decided to try the bamboo needles because they are lighter and less slippery than the steel ones. I just think they are too long, I used to knit with much shorter needles in the past, but I guess it’s a matter of getting used to it. This whole set costed as much as a pair of similar needles in my local store so I think it’s a good deal for the beginner. As for the books, I chose those with best reviews and I hope they will remind me the basics. If I get stuck, I can still use youtube, and then when I really won’t know how to move on, I found out that a few yarn stores in Dublin offer knitting classes.

I am a little scared of knitting, I remember it always seemed more intimidating than crocheting to me. Crocheting is just very intuitive and I love it. But there are many advantages to knitting: it’s more yarn-efficient, and in general I am not  a fan of crocheted clothes. They just look too crochety to me 😉 I don’t know, like too old-fashioned maybe? Knitted outfits are much, much nicer and I dream that one day in the future I’d be able to knit my own dresses – I love soft woolen dresses!

Before I start to learn, I must finish all my Christmas gifts though. And then my new contract begins soon – next week I am going to Brussels for a meeting and after that I will be really busy for at least two months before it gets a little more relaxed. So there won’t be much time to learn I guess… but who knows, maybe I will manage to squeeze it into my busy schedule too 😉

This post is getting a little long so I better finish here, leaving just some photos of my cats enjoying the package with knitting supplies. Obviously, I’m not the only one who felt really excited when it arrived today!



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