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Afghan and first knitting lesson

Yesterday I finished the afghan for my Mother. It took me about two weeks and it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be 🙂

But I am not very happy with it to be honest. It is as I planned, very simple, basic grannies, just to fit her style and her bedroom (I don’t think she’d be very happy with some flowery pattern), but in the end I think that I should have added one more colour (two rows in the centre of each square) and definitely should have used some other shade of brown instead of the beige. With other colours in the throw, it doesn’t even look like beige anymore but more like grey! Not happy about this grey-ish look at all, I think it ruins the final effect a lot.


Well, but I try to think positive, it will definitely suit the terracotta/ orange elements in my Mum’s room (she loves warm, positive colours) and it is really cozy and warm! And just the right size to cover her legs and snuggle up reading a book on a cold winter evening, with both her dogs next to her 🙂

This afghan still needs to be washed and blocked very carefully, not to stretch it but to unfold the edges.

I am thinking about making another one for my Dad, in shades of blue, and rippled. Not now, but hopefully I’ll manage to buy yarn for it before December and make it for him. Initially I thought to make him a hat, gloves and scarf, but a nice throw seems like a better idea.

And speaking of Christmas gifts – my Brother called me recently and asked if I could make him a Flying Spaghetti Monster hat. Well, I guess I can 🙂 I already made a simple ear flap hat and now I need to crochet the eyes and noodles, and add some pompom meatballs. I really can’t imagine him wearing it, but well, as long as it makes him happy, right? 😉

Finally, I must write about my first encounter with knitting, which was yesterday! Very exciting! I learned how to cast on and off and how to knit garter stitch. It was very tricky because my hands are so used to crochet that they automatically try to do things ‘the crochet way’ – for instance, my book and some youtube tutorials say to hold yarn in the right hand. But well, I just feel like holding it in the left hand was the only good way to do it! So I guess before I move on further I must exercise so long until I learn to do this correctly. Not sure why – when I held it in my left hand, I knitted exactly what was shown on the photos – but I suppose it might have meaning later, at more advanced stages.

And here’s my first sample:


I made all the typical errors, uneven cast-on, and too tight cast-off edge 🙂 I read why it turned out this way and I’m going to improve it. For now, I am really excited about how different the texture of the finished piece is from the crocheted one: thicker and much more flexible. It feels like there’s a whole new world opening up for me and awaiting me in the future and I am very eager to learn everything!


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