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Pasta time!

Last week was really busy, so much so that there was not much time for crocheting or for my knitting lessons. I was in Brussels for a couple of days and I had quite a lot to read before going to prepare for the meeting. I was hoping that once in Brussels, I could find some time and look for local yarn stores (I’m obsessed, I know) but the days were really tightly planned and filled with work so it wasn’t possible. A bit of a pity, especially that the weather was fantastic and a stroll around the city centre would be really nice.

Due to my job I visit Brussels usually twice a year, first for the initial training in the fall, and then in winter/ early spring for panel discussions. Last time I’ve been there, it was shortly before the terrorist attacks at the airport and in the metro – after the earlier Paris events there was already some tension felt throughout the city, with armed soldiers walking around. Now, the emergency measures are more strict at the airport and around railway stations, and there are lots of heavily armed soldiers with dogs in all the strategic places and on the streets. But despite that, the city remains vibrant and busy as ever and I love that – there is life despite the threat and nobody accepts living in fear.

The only thing I managed to crochet recently is the Flying Spaghetti Monster hat for my Brother. It was so much fun to work on it! Here you can see His Majesty:dsc01560


I used the alpaca and wool leftovers from my Mum’s afghan so it will be really warm.

I followed the free  Simple Earflap Hat pattern by Knittwittz to crochet the base and then added the pasta, meatballs and eyes. There are some patterns to be found online, but I thought there’s nothing complicated to think about here, all I had to do was just to look at the pictures of the FSM and make and assemble all the elements.

Beside crocheting the hat, I learned how to purl. So now I know how to knit and purl, and how to combine these two stitches to create stockings stitch. My first small sample:


When I knit the stitches are too loose, when I purl – too tight. Together it results in producing a kind of a zigzag, so it’s definitely going to require a lot of practice to learn to knit evenly. I also learned why my book teaches me to hold the yarn in the right hand: apparently there are two systems, the UK and continental one. Holding the yarn in the right hand and wrapping it around the needle is the British way, while holding it in the left hand and picking it up with a needle is the continental way. I’m going to give it a try and follow the UK system, as I want to continue learning with my book (so far it explains everything really well and I like it) and I also think that using the right hand may be a healthy change for my hands, which are often tired by all the crocheting. But we’ll see.

The book is divided into workshops and projects, and I am about to begin my first, simple project: a scarf. It should be bulky but I don’t have bulky yarn, as crocheting uses up way too much of it, so I will go with aran weight instead and try to make the scarf fitting the FSM hat. If in the end I decide it’s nice enough, I will add the eyes and maybe “meatballs” pompoms, and give it to my Brother together with the hat.

And then I’m really worried that he might actually decide to wear it one day 😉


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