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Emerald cabled shawl

kompozycjaI’ve been looking for patterns for simple, “solid” shawls for long. And as much as I love beautiful, delicate, lace designs, I couldn’t find anything simple, that wouldn’t look too much like taken out of grandmother’s wardrobe at the same time. Not that I have anything against grandmother’s wardrobes, in fact, one of my grandmothers was an excellent tailor, another one a good knitter and a very elegant woman 😉

But I digress again. I haven’t found anything I really liked, and what’s more, many patterns are based on triangle which quickly gets too long, before it is wide enough.

And then I bought the Malabrigo sock yarn, and as I added it to my stash on Ravelry, I checked what other people made with it – and here it was: Foliose shawl by Cirsium Crochet. Made exactly with the colour I bought, too. The moment I saw it, I knew that this was the pattern I had been looking for.

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Gadget time!


That’s going to be a very short post and it’s about what you can see on the photo above. Yup, I bought a row counter and I just cannot understand why haven’t I done it earlier! It’s cheap, it’s small and doesn’t take up any space, and it’s so helpful! Seriously, all this time I’ve been counting my rows and writing them down on paper or in a text file if I had a pattern on the PC, each time having to stop crocheting for a while – now the counter is on my thumb like a ring and I only click the bigger key and that’s it! If I put it away and it goes off, after pressing the same key it remembers the number.

I’m a bit anti-gadget as I think this is already quite an expensive hobby, especially that I crochet a lot and adding more and more items just seems unnecessary. Plus I just don’t like hoarding and I try not to collect things I don’t really need. I already have way too many (well, not really, I use them all for different things, but still…) crochet hooks, needles, markers, buttons, eyes for toys, a large project bag, and now also two sets of knitting needles, cable needles (because I sooo want to make braids already, I can’t wait!)… seriously, if I ever move into my own house or a large apartment, I will have a separate room for crafts! With no access for cats, hear me, Stella and Ciri? I’m talking about you here! I try to limit buying those only to what I really need… but well, as much as crocheting or knitting without row counter is possible, it is just easier with it.

Do you have some useful gadgets that make yarn crafts easier too?

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Golden brown scarf


Finally here it is – the golden-brown scarf made for my Aunt, as a part of my ongoing efforts to crochet all the Christmas gifts this year, instead of buying them.

And I love it!

I was a little disappointed at first when it was finished  – but I should have known better that to judge before blocking. After blocking (which by the way is a topic for a separate post, as I have some serious difficulties with it in a small apartment inhabited by two curious cats) it’s just what I wanted it to be: a very light, soft, delicate – but at the same time quite warm wrap with regular flowery pattern. I know I already wrote that, but I enjoyed working with this yarn so much! It’s Katia Air Lux, wool with viscose – it is described as fingering (4-ply) weight, but it feels more delicate than that. I used 2,5 skeins. Still have half a skein left and I wonder if it is enough to crochet matching evening fingerless gloves, but I’m afraid I’d probably have to buy more of it again. And there’s one thing that this yarn is not good with: frogging. It can be done, but it’s not easy and it’s just better not to have to do it at all.

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Almost woven

Time’s flying fast these days and I’m stressed out with the deadlines hanging upon me even though I’m enjoying my work at the same time. But no matter how much there is to be done professionally, I just can’t stay away from crocheting. I’m completely addicted – hooked is the better word I guess.

I realise, looking back at the last year, that it’s been crocheting that kept me going. There have been some worse days and even months, especially summer was rough for me as I have a chronic disease and I was in a flare up then. Luckily not the real strong flare up, but still it wasn’t quite as pain-free and careless summer as I’d like it to be. I also didn’t feel very strong and couldn’t really enjoy the sunny days fully, even though I had a lot of free time, as summer is a work-free period of the year for me. But crocheting, the power to create, was something that gave me strength. I know it probably sounds like such a cliche, and I generally dislike such big statements and words, but it’s true. I’m so glad I re-discovered it after all those years! There is just something so special about turning the thread into a finished product with my own hands.

So, to keep on track of what this post was to meant to be about, I wanted to share my simple projects made while working. I used up nearly all of the aran weight cotton (different brands) that’s been in my stash for months and I had no idea what to do with it, as it turned out to be too thick for amigurumi. But it worked just great for dishcloths and hand towels that I can use to dry my hands after washing up in the kitchen. Cotton absorbs water well (mercerised cotton wouldn’t do the trick so well though) and it’s nice and friendly even for sensitive skin.

Some of the dishcloths and a towel made just this past week:


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Hello! I hope everyone is fine and enjoying these first days of October!

Autumn finally arrived and it already feels colder. I started using one of the heaters and feel tempted to open another one, but I still feel it’s better to keep it for the real winter. Kind of silly thinking because hey, when it gets colder I could just adjust the settings, but for now I’m surviving with one heater on. And when it gets rough I can always use these crocheted legwarmers:


I made them many months ago, to use up the leftovers from the bulky star-shaped bedroom rug, and they’d been waiting patiently in my wardrobe ever since. But now is their time! Unfortunately, the pom-poms had to be removed, as they were too tempting for my cats who kept hunting them all the time. And as much as I adore my cats, I also prefer when my legs are not scratched.

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