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Golden brown scarf


Finally here it is – the golden-brown scarf made for my Aunt, as a part of my ongoing efforts to crochet all the Christmas gifts this year, instead of buying them.

And I love it!

I was a little disappointed at first when it was finished  – but I should have known better that to judge before blocking. After blocking (which by the way is a topic for a separate post, as I have some serious difficulties with it in a small apartment inhabited by two curious cats) it’s just what I wanted it to be: a very light, soft, delicate – but at the same time quite warm wrap with regular flowery pattern. I know I already wrote that, but I enjoyed working with this yarn so much! It’s Katia Air Lux, wool with viscose – it is described as fingering (4-ply) weight, but it feels more delicate than that. I used 2,5 skeins. Still have half a skein left and I wonder if it is enough to crochet matching evening fingerless gloves, but I’m afraid I’d probably have to buy more of it again. And there’s one thing that this yarn is not good with: frogging. It can be done, but it’s not easy and it’s just better not to have to do it at all.

I used the free pattern Alpaca Your Wrap by Tamara Kelly. It was designed for much thicker alpaca yarn but as it turns out, it fits more delicate projects too. The pattern is very clear and quite simple, it’s easy to remember it after a few repetitions. The scarf is made from the central part, and after moving towards one end, yarn has to be fastened off, joined to the initial chain and worked in another direction.

A closer look at the flowery pattern:


And the whole scarf (love the sepia photos, they suit the scarf so well!):


I didn’t follow the pattern in every detail, since the yarn is thinner than in the original, my starting chain was longer and I made more rows – and it’s still smaller than described in the pattern.

Moving on from crocheting – I decided to continue my knitting lessons even if it’s only for 10 or 15 minutes a day. I finished my first project, a simple scarf, and then frogged it just after finishing. I didn’t even take pictures. I just thought that even though it made me quite proud, as it turned out better than I expected and surprisingly even, it just wasn’t too pretty. Just a boring wool scarf. So I ripped it and the second project in my book are baby booties – also not too cute or complicated, but they are meant to teach me decreasing and increasing, so I will use some scrap yarn for them.

So far I have one main worry about knitting: it just doesn’t feel secure. Crocheting does, as even if I lose the thread, no big damage is usually made and it’s so easy to catch the thread again and fix anything that went wrong. With knitting it’s much easier to drop a stitch and then everything goes south very fast. I guess it takes a lot of practice to find the confidence similar to how I feel while crocheting.

And if anyone survived till the end of this long post, I’d like to share something not crochet- or knitting-related: a beautiful view of the sea and rocky shore in Sandycove near Dublin. There’s nothing like a seaside walk to charge the batteries for the new week!


So, happy new week to everyone! 🙂






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