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Merino lace shawl


Happy New Year everyone! I’m really hopeful that this is going to be a good year, or at least better than 2016 – and I wish the same to everyone. If it’s true that the first days of the year are a prophecy for the rest of it, then I’m lucky, because in the first week of January I finished the project that made me really happy. It’s based on the Izumi pattern by Bernadette Ambergen. If you don’t know Bernadette’s patterns and you like shawls as much as I do, you need to check her other designs – they’re wonderful. I’m definitely planning to crochet at least two other in the future!

Let me tell you why I love shawls so much. It’s because my body’s “thermostat” is completely non-functional. It’s been like that since… forever I guess? My feet and nose are always cold, and I can’t adjust to any kind of temperature well. I feel cold, a few minutes later overheated, then cold again, and so on – that’s one of the reasons why I very seldom use bulky yarn and don’t like thick sweaters. If on a cold day I try to wear a very thick, warm sweater, I usually feel warm at first and then, very soon, overheated (and then I take it off only to feel cold again…) – so my solution is to wear more layers of thinner fabrics instead. That’s also the reason why I practically don’t wear jumpers, and definitely prefer cardigans. This way it’s easy to get rid of one of the layers or add it when necessary, and adjust to any temperature better. And shawls are a great top layer to wrap around my shoulders when I feel a little frozen.

This shawl is just perfect for that. It’s made in Malabrigo merino wool, and even though it’s lace, it’s still warm and nice. It’s also wide and long enough to wrap it around myself when I’m indoors, but at the same time the lace makes it very light and thin, so I can wrap it around my neck like a scarf when I’m outdoors. The wool is very soft so there’s no itching when it’s worn like a scarf.

And I love the pattern!


Unfortunately the size of the shawl means it’s too large for my foam mat where I block lace, and I don’t have enough T-pins to block it well. That’s why I had to block it folded and too few needles made the border to be a bit wavy. I can’t help that the mat is too small, even if I bought a larger one I wouldn’t have a secure place to place it, but at least I can buy more pins to make the border even next time.


The colour of the yarn is called “Glazed carrot”. It’s not homogeneous, since the yarn is hand-dyed, it variegates from very light soft coral to more orange and bold. I took many photos but since the days are gloomy and dark, it was very hard to catch the actual colour of the shawl using flash. I managed to take only one photo that shows it well:


You can see all the colour changes and that it’s lighter than the other photos suggest. I feel great in such colour, especially matched with more neutral jacket and hat, it’s this bright accent that makes the whole set work well.

I think that one day in the future I should crochet another, more elegant rather than everyday version, perhaps in very light grey or pearl shades.

I enjoyed crocheting it a lot and I love the result. And that’s all I want from my projects!



9 thoughts on “Merino lace shawl

  1. This shawl is gorgeous! The body as well as the border look so good and work with each other. (I like the orange color too. 😁) I’ve not bought a Malabringo Merino but have heard about it from many folks. You must be feeling great wearing it!
    And I’m definitely adding Bernadette’s patterns to my library. ☺

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    1. Yes, her patterns are awesome! 😀 I really love how everything works together so well, too!
      I found Malabrigo Socks first by accident in a store, I bought it because it was in a nice colour and on sale… and then I discovered how great it was so when I saw on Love Knitting that their lace yarn has reduced price, I knew it was worth buying again. The only pain – unwinding the hank of this lace lasts over an hour but I can live with that as long as I like the yarn. It’s very light and in many lovely colours to choose from.
      I’m going to wear this shawl A LOT certainly 😀

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