Something blue!



So… it happened! I knitted my first top – not exactly a sweater but a summer sleeveless top in cotton yarn. Yay!

I wasn’t sure if knitting an actual garment was a good idea at this stage. I thought that maybe I should stick to scarves, gloves, small projects more suitable for a beginner. But I really wanted to try, to move beyond things that could just be crocheted – to feel why learning to knit was the right choice. And this is when Drops designs came to the rescue, one more time 🙂

I really like browsing these patterns, I like their Scandinavian, calm style, pictures taken somewhere by the sea, and their simple designs. And as I discovered, they have a whole section called ‘basic patterns’. My colourful scarf from the previous post was one of them, and this top is another one. It’s called ‘Sea Line‘ and it’s very basic and simple indeed: no sleeves, no fancy stitches, no advanced shaping… Of course, it is written in the typical, weird Drops way, but I found that drawing a chart where I mark all the ‘critical moments’ (with decreases, buttonholes, binding off etc.) in the order in which they appear is very helpful. I call it a project map 😉


The original top in the pattern is blue and white. While I love it, I chose a little different combination of Drops Paris cotton in Recycled Denim variation: two shades of blue, lighter and darker. I followed size ‘M’ pattern and I haven’t changed anything other than the stripes, where I knitted two rows per colour instead of the original one row, just to keep knitting simple. And I’m happy I bought one skein of each shade more than suggested in the pattern, as I used more of the darker shade than the pattern described.


I really like the top, it is summery, simple, it turned out much better than I expected – no holes or mistakes – and I like the idea of back buttons too.



And to my surprise it fits well – I was worried that the armholes would turn out too big or too small, but that’s not an issue at all!


I haven’t blocked it yet, because it’s still too cold to wear it, so I’m planning to wash and block it when it gets warm in the summer or maybe late spring. Blocking should (hopefully) relax the fabric and fix the places where the yarn was joined and pulls the fabric a little (like right below the neck opening on the photo above).

All in all it was a really good choice for the first top: easy, quick (took me 6 days to knit it without too much hurry), and satisfying. And I also discovered that the whole idea of summer knits is really awesome – I used to think that knitting was all about winter: sweaters, heavy socks, slippers, hats… But it’s not true anymore, since with all the amazing yarns we have these days, anything can be knitted 🙂




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