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Back to Ireland

I spent last two weeks in Poland, visiting my parents. It was a no-crochet and no-knitting time, so there is no new project to show here unfortunately. Instead I’d like to share some memories from my visit home, even if it’s not strictly the topic of this blog.

But first: before leaving, I had received my Wool Lotto yarn! There’s a lot of alpaca (Stylecraft Alpaca DK) – enough for two big jumpers and maybe additional hats of scarves; and some cotton with polyester for a summer top (C+B Lolli yarn). My stash is more than full and I had to find additional place in the wardrobe for the yarn. I’m not complaining, it feels good to have all this yarn waiting for its turn to be knitted or crocheted!


The photo only shows the top layer in the big plastic box, there are three such layers in total plus some single skeins of cotton that are stored in another room.

So the previous photo shows my future, and my most recent past looked like that:


If you can’t see much on the picture, it’s because of the heavy blizzard. There is a large pond with a small island that can be normally seen from my parents’ windows, but the weather decided to surprise everyone with white Easter this year. It was cold, wet and windy, and so I ended up sick with a cold, which in turn triggered some bad joint pain and my planned active Easter break was mostly spent in bed. To be honest this is probably for the best, as I really haven’t foreseen such weather and took mostly light spring clothes with me anyways, so at least I had an excuse to stay in a warm house. I had to wear my Mum’s clothing including her winter jacket most of the time, when I decided to go out.

But at least my Ripe Wheat Doily was used as intended, to cover the Easter basket 🙂

I also got an order for doily coasters and I’m thinking to crochet a whole matching (well, more or less) set of a large centerpiece doily and coasters. This is not very urgent, but I’ll need to look for more cotton thread soon.

Well, it was a strange visit really. Nothing like what I’ve planned, and there was some difficult emotional stuff going on as well, so to be quite honest I am happy to be back to Ireland again. My cardigan is still waiting for me to finally knit it, my cats decided to forgive me abandoning them for two weeks, and my boyfriend made the best lasagne ever to celebrate my return. And there’s no snow!

I hope everyone had a good time, no matter if you celebrate Easter or not. Time to be crafty again! 🙂

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