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Speckled summer top


I bought Conway + Bliss Lolli yarn as a part of my Wool Lotto shopping spree. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, even though it’s apparently designed for kids projects 😉 I like the structure of the thread – like an airy tube, a bit thicker in its colourful parts. And I like the speckles too, and the fiber content (cotton with some polyester)… so I decided to give it a try, and use it for a summer top. I chose the grey version as I like how the bold neon speckles work with this calm, neutral background.


I’ve been looking for a plain, simple pattern, no lace, no fancy elements (not that I have skills for anything too sophisticated anyways), just a sleeveless A-shaped top, a tunic even. This is what Berroco Filia pattern (by Amy Christoffersn) is: I really like its very casual and slightly oversized look, and the sides which seem a little longer than the centre of the top.

It’s a very easy knit, but I had many doubts as my work has been progressing. The gauge (matching the pattern and yarn label) seemed too tight, making the fabric a little stiff, the yarn felt a little too synthetic, and the bottom edge kept curling up. I also changed the neck and armhole edge, deciding to crochet the border instead of knitting it.

Luckily the fabric relaxed a lot after blocking, and it’s much softer and doesn’t feel artificial anymore. The size is a perfect fit and I just love the shape of this top. I’ve already worn it a few times, on a warmer day (forgive the awkward pose – I really don’t know what to do with my hands when someone is taking photos of me…):


…and on a cooler day, matching it with my crochet cabled shawl:


So even though I had many doubts about this top, I am very happy with it now and it’s definitely going to be worn a lot this summer. That is, if it doesn’t disintegrate – it’s my first project for which I’ve used the magic knot yarn joining technique and I still wonder if it’s REALLY not going to unravel 😉



6 thoughts on “Speckled summer top

  1. You sound like me, I’m always afraid that one day I’ll just start unraveling and end up standing in my bra LOL But it hasn’t happened yet! I love the yarn, it’s so fun! And now I want to make the top too!

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    1. Yeah, I see it all in my mind – how I go out in the top and end up half naked because it unravels 😉 And all of it happens in a public place like a bus of course!
      I can already imagine how beautiful and colourful the top is going to be if you make it!


      1. If I make it I will stash bust for it and I’ve got a lovely minty green yarn someone gifted me that might work but I love your little flecks of color. So good!!

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    1. It’s like having a bit of both worlds – something colourful and fun, and something plain and serious, isn’t it 😉
      Funny thing that all patterns for this yarn (at least those that I’ve seen) are for children only, as if they haven’t thought that an adult person could want it too 😉


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