Speckled summer top


I bought Conway + Bliss Lolli yarn as a part of my Wool Lotto shopping spree. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, even though it’s apparently designed for kids projects 😉 I like the structure of the thread – like an airy tube, a bit thicker in its colourful parts. And I like the speckles too, and the fiber content (cotton with some polyester)… so I decided to give it a try, and use it for a summer top. I chose the grey version as I like how the bold neon speckles work with this calm, neutral background.


I’ve been looking for a plain, simple pattern, no lace, no fancy elements (not that I have skills for anything too sophisticated anyways), just a sleeveless A-shaped top, a tunic even. This is what Berroco Filia pattern (by Amy Christoffersn) is: I really like its very casual and slightly oversized look, and the sides which seem a little longer than the centre of the top.

It’s a very easy knit, but I had many doubts as my work has been progressing. The gauge (matching the pattern and yarn label) seemed too tight, making the fabric a little stiff, the yarn felt a little too synthetic, and the bottom edge kept curling up. I also changed the neck and armhole edge, deciding to crochet the border instead of knitting it.

Luckily the fabric relaxed a lot after blocking, and it’s much softer and doesn’t feel artificial anymore. The size is a perfect fit and I just love the shape of this top. I’ve already worn it a few times, on a warmer day (forgive the awkward pose – I really don’t know what to do with my hands when someone is taking photos of me…):


…and on a cooler day, matching it with my crochet cabled shawl:


So even though I had many doubts about this top, I am very happy with it now and it’s definitely going to be worn a lot this summer. That is, if it doesn’t disintegrate – it’s my first project for which I’ve used the magic knot yarn joining technique and I still wonder if it’s REALLY not going to unravel 😉



5 Responses

  1. You sound like me, I’m always afraid that one day I’ll just start unraveling and end up standing in my bra LOL But it hasn’t happened yet! I love the yarn, it’s so fun! And now I want to make the top too!

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      1. If I make it I will stash bust for it and I’ve got a lovely minty green yarn someone gifted me that might work but I love your little flecks of color. So good!!

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