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King Size Doily


Last week I’ve managed to finalise the revision of my last work project in the 2016/2017 season. It’s official: I’m on holidays until late September! It’s both good and bad news: good because who am I to complain at having three months off to gather my strength before the new year of work begins, right? Especially that as usually, autumn is going to be very intense and stressful. But it’s also bad because it’s unpaid holiday time of course. Well, unless I manage to catch a short-term contract for the summer, but to be honest, it won’t be so easy. So at least at the moment it looks that I’m going to have a lot of time for crochet and knitting, because most likely we’re not going anywhere for holidays except maybe some weekend excursions to the Irish countryside. I have many ideas for my summer projects which include a jumper for the Boyfriend and a knitted dress for me. And doilies!

To start off, I chose a large doily crocheted not with the typical lace thread, but with worsted cotton yarn (and yes, once again it was Louisa Harding Colline, because after my first cardigan I loved it so much that I took advantage of a wholesale on ebay and bought a lot of it), on 4.5 mm hook. I wanted a more thick, large doily which would cover the whole kitchen table, so I chose the Redheart pattern called “Lacy Accent Doily”, designed by Bendy Carter.


It was such delight to crochet it! the pattern is very clear and well written, and the doily works up fast. Only the edging took a little more time, since the pineapples are crocheted one at a time and it required a lot of yarn weaving in. But it was still fun.

After I’d finished and blocked it, I realised that it’s big enough to be used as a kind of sofa throw. And I think this is how I’m going to use it instead of putting it on the table. Of course, to expose it better, I’m going to need:

  1. Some nice cream or beige throw as the background, instead of the current ones, which were chosen mostly because they were thick enough to protect the coach from my cats’ claws (you can only see the bottom layer on the photo below, normally there’s a thicker faux fur throw on it and together they secure the leather pretty well, as our landlord has requested). It has to be solid enough to provide a good leather protection. Or we should just start saving up for the new sofas to be bought before we move out…
  2. Matching cushions – I think that round cushions with the same motif as the central part of the doily will be perfect.

Finding the right throw is going to take some time, and I’m not going to sew the cushions and crochet the covers before I have the throw. But hey, didn’t I just say that I have all summer of freedom ahead of me? 😉


I’m really curious how soon I’m going to start cursing myself for adding this extra element to clean with a lint roller (I have a whole desk drawer filled with lint rollers because CAT FUR!) every day… yeah, probably sooner rather than later 😉 And since there are two coaches in the living room, I need to think what to do with the other one too.

So maybe this summer is not going to be so lazy and relaxed after all… 😉




3 thoughts on “King Size Doily

    1. I don’t complain either… Nothing like snuggling up with a coffee, yarn and a cat on my lap ☺ Lol now that I read what I wrote, I sound really old 🤔

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