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Winter Focus


I’ve been feeling bad for the last couple of days, with swollen joints and energy-draining fatigue. Luckily, as I wrote in my previous post, I don’t have to work now, so I can allow myself to spend a few days snuggled up on the coach, with Stella on my lap, a mug of green tea, a book and some yarny project in my hands (not necessarily all at once of course).

Stella is my best medicine. She is such a loving, affectionate cat with the best purr ever! Every now and then she looks at me and very gently touches my face with her paw, as if trying to say “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!”.


Ciri, her younger sister, is not affectionate at all, but she makes me laugh with all the mischievous things she does. I really can’t imagine my home without them!

Anyway, I didn’t feel like focusing on any large, demanding projects these days. Instead I decided to work on a winter scarf and hat set for The Boyfriend. The yarn for this year’s first set (I’m planning to knit at least two, another one with cables) has been in my stash since May, when I bought it together with Drops Fabel sock yarn, taking advantage of Drops wool sale. It’s Drops Big Delight in Marina colourway and I am super happy with it. It’s soft, with lovely colour changes, and it feels so cozy in my hands – as if I was working with felt, not wool. After knitting this set, I really think that one day I need to buy some other colourway only to make something and felt it later – slippers maybe?

I also found a surprise in the middle of one of the skeins – a feather!


So many questions… whose feather is it, why was it there? And why is it in the shade of one of the yarn’s colour changes? 😉

OK, let’s focus on details. The scarf is based on the Seward Scarf Drops pattern – but it’s really nothing complicated there that requires a pattern, just rows of garter stitch and some fringes. However I am glad that the pattern exists, as it showed me how good garter stitch scarf looks when knitted with variegated yarn, and how many stitches to cast on. I always have problem with scarfs, I make them too long or too short – those I crocheted last year should have been longer for example. But this one is perfect!


The hat is also very basic and simple, because I’m not a fan of mixing fancy stitches and self-striping yarns. What’s more, I’m sure it would be too much for the recipient who likes to keep things simple in his wardrobe;) I very rarely work with thick yarns so I needed to use a pattern to see the stitch count again, and I chose Caron Men’s Basic Hat. I worked it in rounds instead of flat and I think it turned out great – just the right size and not too tight. Plus I love how the colour stripes look on the hat. It’s different than the scarf, but they can still be worn together and look just fine.

This is 100% wool yarn, and it’s in aran weight, so it’s really nice and warm. It’s going to be great for the windy, colder winter days in Dublin.

Well, this post is a bit lengthy already, and I still have some other comfort knits from the last week to show: socks! I knitted two pairs – one of them (the striped one) uses the same basic sock pattern as my previous pairs, and another one (the hot pink one) is based on a pattern from my new sock book called Almondine, by Anne Hanson. And as you can see, the colours are rather… intense 😉

I chose these colours because I really needed something to improve my mood. I don’t really mind if they match with my other clothes, as I only wear thick socks at home anyways, because this is where I move less and my feet get really cold. When I go out, I prefer thin, plain socks – they feel better with the shoes on. But home is the place where anything is acceptable when it comes to clothing 🙂 Of course, I’m not going to wear them anytime soon, but I think that by the time that the colder days return to Dublin, I’m going to have a nice collection of socks to keep my feet happy during the winter months.



Alright, that’s all for now! 🙂 Happy Monday to all of you!




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