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Retro Beach Party


My life is still lazy and not necessarily by choice. Still not feeling quite well, so while I’m waiting for the new meds to kick in and do their job, I spend my days mostly at home and have plenty of time to read, binge watch Netflix and crochet or knit. Life’s not bad at all! And since the last week brought the so-called “Irish heatwave” (meaning temperatures around 26 degrees Celsius – crazy! 😉 ), I felt inspired to work on summer projects. Of course, as soon as I finished them, it got cooler, but I hope we’ll have a few more warm days during the summer months.

First summer project is a crochet bag. It’s 15 granny squares with daisy motif joined together. I keep using up my amigurumi cotton stash and I really enjoy searching for patterns and ideas for all this yarn. And of course, where did I find the inspiration for this bag? Yes, you guess correctly – it’s a Drops pattern again. And not the only one in this blog post. I really start to think that I should add a subtitle to my blog, something like “Confessions of a Drops designs addict”… By the way, right now you can vote for the projects that you’d like to be published in the fall/winter Drops collection. There’s quite a lot of free patterns to choose from, so you might want to have a look and vote for something you like!

But let’s get back to the bag.


It was a very fast project (took me just one day), and very enjoyable too. It’s a nice, quite stretchy shopping bag in an old fashioned style and the daisies give it a fresh, summery look.

And then I decided to use up the remaining Conway + Bliss Lolli yarn from my Wool Lotto. I had one skein left from my Speckled Summer Top in gray, and three more skeins in bright, almost neon blue. Just perfect for a bikini! Once again, I used a Drops pattern as inspiration, but I modified it quite a bit. I needed a bigger top size, and I wanted it to be more stable, to keep everything in place, so to speak 😉 That’s why I wanted to achieve a tighter gauge and added a few rows of increases at the bottom edge. It turned out just perfect! I think crochet bikini is so 1970s, although this particular model not as much as some others out there, and I love the slightly vintage look.


However I resigned from crocheting the bottom. I can never resist swimming when I’m at the beach, even in the super cold Irish Sea, and even though this yarn has some polyester content, it’s still mainly cotton, which doesn’t dry out too fast. Sitting for a long time in a wet swimming suit bottom – that’s something that my bladder wouldn’t thank me for! I think it’s better to just use a regular, store-bought bottom with this top. But I couldn’t resign from using the remaining yarn of course and so I knitted a matching sarong, or pareo (pattern by Joanne Yordanou).


I love the effect of knitting with DK yarn on 8 mm needles. It’s so very soft and squishy! And I think it looks well with the top, too:


So I guess all I need now is another sunny day, and then I’m packing my swimwear into my daisy bag and off we go to the beach!


How about your summer plans? 😉


3 thoughts on “Retro Beach Party

  1. That was really fast! Lovely projects both. Not only does the sarong look good with the bikini, the daisy bag looks ready for the beach as well! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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