Out with knitting and problems with scrap yarn


I never knit or crochet outside. It’s not that I’m embarrassed or anything, I just don’t like to knit in the car or tram, and I don’t like carrying my projects around. I prefer the comfort of my home, when I can take as much space as I want with my work, and where I have anything I might need, including scissors or measuring tape, or a crochet hook if I drop a stitch.

But there were two events this summer that I wanted to attend, and take my WIPs with me. One was a workshop on Eastern uncrossed knitting (= combination method) in one of our local yarn stores. I was really looking forward to it, as it’s not the most popular method and I haven’t found any classes teaching it before. And after knitting this way for a couple of months I have some questions for sure!

And then of course I couldn’t go, I was feeling too bad – most of this summer is not so good for me health-wise. I’m not sure if this is an opportunity that’s going to repeat any time soon, so it’s a real pity.

Another one was Yarnfolk Festival in Whitehead in Northern Ireland. In this case I don’t have much of an excuse – I just completely forgot until the day of the festival, and then it was too late: my Boyfriend was away with a car, and anyone I could go with was already there. Oh well… at least I’ll be able to make up for this in November, at Dublin’s Knitting and Stitching Show 😉

Three is the charm, right? Today I finally managed to take my knitting out. I spent a great afternoon in a cafe in the centre of Dublin with fifteen other ladies, knitting, crocheting, sharing ideas and checking each others projects. I think I’m going to stick with this group for a while. It was such a good time and already gave me some new and fresh ideas. And even though I didn’t notice anyone knitting the combination method, I met many talented and experienced knitters, so I know there’s a lot to learn from them. I never thought I would actually enjoy group knitting but it was fun and I found out that sometimes knitting outside of home can be a good thing 🙂

Since this a general rambling post, I have to say that I haven’t done much recently. I’ve been trying to find use for some scrap yarn from my last year’s hats projects and in the end I managed to knit the legwarmers and a hat (because I love knitting hats and because my legs love warm woolly legwarmers and socks). I’d tried to knit mittens and slippers first, but I wasn’t happy with either of those, so I frogged them. Now I am working on the pullover for my Boyfriend (see a part of it on the top photo) and enjoying this project so much more! I guess knitting something just to use up yarn and not because I really feel like I want to make it is just not fun.

Last but not least, last week there was an International Cat Day. Stella doesn’t care for stuffed toys – but Ciri celebrated with a new crocheted mouse!


She also completely took over my accidentally felted rug 🙂 Actually they compete for it with Stella and both seem to enjoy it, so I guess in the end felting it turned out  for the best – an outcome I’d wish for all my mistakes! 😉

So do you crochets or knits outside or prefer to do it at home like me?



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