Taxes, gifts and cooking


Paying taxes is not the most pleasant part of my year. As a self employed person, I must send my self assessment for the previous year and cover the difference with the preliminary tax paid the year before. Oh, and pay the preliminary estimated tax for the current year. I have time to do it until the end of October but of course I try to send my assessment earlier, depending on the time when I am paid by the company I work with.

Alright, this is not going to be a post about fiscal issues, I promise! I just needed this little intro because this year, to my surprise, my tax was lower than a year before and so I didn’t have to add anything to my preliminary tax. I double checked it with an accountant, just to be sure, and then I knew that it was a good excuse for some unexpected shopping 😉 Because the amount I “saved” was not enough to feel obligated to spend it on something serious, like, I don’t know, paying for health insurance for a full year etc., it was just enough to buy something not planned and fun 😉 Gifts time for me and the Boyfriend!

Yes, you guessed it, for me it was yarn! Which arrived yesterday and is begging me to start knitting right now! But I don’t like to have a few ongoing projects at the same time, so it needs to wait patiently for its turn 😉

I bought some Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply in a bright, gray-blue shade, and I want to knit a light, neutral cardigan with it. And also this squishy, soft goodness in orange-red:


This is Mirasol Akapana, the softest yarn I’ve ever had. It’s 65% llama with 25% merino wool plus some donegal speckles. I love how it’s spun, it changes from more narrow to thick in different places, and I really like such rustic, uneven texture. I have a few ideas for it, but haven’t chosen one yet. Which is the fun part, I can spend hours browsing patterns and trying to choose those I want to use!

I also decided to try hand-dyed yarn for the first time and I bought some lace from Irish Fairytale Yarns, in the colourway called Waves. It’s 100% merino wool. I bought enough to knit a shawl – I wanted to crochet one at first but I figured that if I knit it instead, I might be able to knit two and give one to a friend. I love how yarn-economic knitting is compared to crochet. I also bought one skein of the same shade in DK weight for a matching hat.


The little blue guy on the top of the photo is a polymer clay stitch marker which was a gift from the seller – super nice!

That’s for myself. The Boyfriend got something completely different and even though it’s not yarn related, I need to write about it here: an electric pressure cooker! Yup, that sounds strange for a gift, right? But he likes cooking and he’s been complaining about our old pressure cooker and how he couldn’t prepare good beef anymore, and also how much we absolutely needed a slow cooker. Since our kitchen is small, I just went ahead and got rid of an old pressure cooker and bought a sort of all-in-one thing, because the new one has also slow cooking option. And now the funny thing: while he was happy with it, I am super excited too! It’s like, first time in my life that I’m actually interested in cooking and checking recipes and experimenting with food, not because I have to, but because I want  to. I especially love the slow cooker option, but for instance yesterday I cooked dry beans in just ten minutes in it, which is quite amazing. I even decided to take a risk and surprise him with a Greek meal, which so far has been 100% his territory  (I wouldn’t even dare to try preparing anything before because you know, THAT’S NOT HOW WE PREPARE IT IN GREECE!). So in the end, I’m not so sure anymore if it was really a gift for him 😉

So now, if one day I add a new category with recipes, you will know why 😉


3 thoughts on “Taxes, gifts and cooking

  1. Lucky you! I love the new yarn and can’t wait to see what you make (I guess they’ll all be done next week 😆), and I’m sure you’ll cook many tasty dishes with your new cooker.

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