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Hurrah! My Appleby Pullover is ready!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post and shared your seaming knowledge and experience – I read everything carefully, followed the advice and managed to finish the sweater. But first I took a week long break from it, which let me return to this project with new energy. And I definitely needed that energy, as seaming took about three hours!

I am really happy with this project, even though I can see that I should have knitted a smaller size – that’s especially visible on the shoulders. But it’s not very bad and I think it still looks fine as it is. Not all seams are perfect, but it’s much better than I thought it would be, so I’m not complaining. And the whole pullover is just so awesome, like something that can actually be worn without explaining to everyone “hey, I know it’s weird but my girlfriend made it so now I have to wear it…”, which has been my worry all along! How amazing is that, I’m making real clothes! Finishing this sweater is like completing some kind of a knitting rite of passage to me, and once it’s done, I feel much more confident about my knitting! And I am so grateful for all your advice and encouragement!

And here’s a short seaming story πŸ˜‰

First I pinned the pieces together to be sure everything stays exactly where it should. I used metal safety pins, after breaking two plastic stitch markers, and they worked very well.
And then there was a lot of sewing…
Some seams look quite well…
Other not so much, but even so I’m still happy with them πŸ™‚
And this is it!

You can see on this last photo that the places where the sleeves are attached to the body don’t look well – it was the most tricky part. But I haven’t blocked it after seaming yet, and I really think it should help. Another thing is that the sleeves should be a little bit longer – even just two additional centimetres would make a huge difference. I hope that I can achieve that with blocking, as alpaca is pretty stretchy and I haven’t tried to stretch it before. If not, I’ll have to unravel the rib and add a little length to the sleeves. I’m going to try to avoid it, but if I have to correct the length anyways, I won’t worry. I can’t explain it, but after finishing the sweater I’m just really much less stressed about it than I would have been a week ago πŸ™‚

So after all this stress and intense sewing I needed a break. The weather was so nice on the weekend, after several windy and rainy days, that we spent the weekend cycling and enjoying the outdoors. And now I’m full of new energy and eager to knit again!


How about your weekend? Any new exciting projects you’d like to share?

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