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Some time ago I bought my first ever hand-dyed yarn from Irish Fairytale Yarns. It’s 100% merino wool in lace and DK weight. I couldn’t wait to start knitting with it, I loved it so much!

This yarn has such delicate, bright colours, and it reminds me of candies or bubble gum 🙂 And even though usually I keep away from sweet, pastel shades, I really enjoyed working with it and watching how the colours change in the projects, giving them this cheerful, bright look. It kept me in good mood!


I decided to use the DK yarn to knit another hat for myself. I love knitting hats, together with shawls and scarfs they’re my favourite kind of projects. I’m thinking to knit a hat and scarf set for Christmas this year to all my loved ones, because these are things that everyone needs in winter and I’m going to enjoy knitting them so much. I’d like to choose something special and unique for everyone, something in their individual style, that would be loved and worn a lot. We’ll see how that plan goes though – no pressure this year! If I manage to do what I planned, great, if not, there will be other opportunities to make up for it.

Anyways, I used the Hermione Hearts Ron free pattern for the hat. It was a very quick and enjoyable knit with cables, and my only problem is that the hat could be a little bigger, as it feels too shallow on my head.

Luckily, I have some yarn left, so I’ll just unravel the top and add another cable repeat before starting decreases. That will help a lot. I haven’t done it yet, it’s next in line after I’ve finished the current project.


By the way, I love how the cables are arranged at the crown, when the decreases begin!


The scarf was a different story than the simple and quick hat. I started it at least eight times, if not more, using different patterns, both knitted and crocheted. But each time I tried, I just wasn’t happy with the look of the lace made with variegated yarn! So in the end I chose the most simple and straightforward pattern, designed for fingering yarn, so I held my lace yarn double. It’s mainly plain garter stitch with very basic lace sections, worked in irregular triangular shape. I think the garter stitch sections show the colours in the yarn really well, and the little simple lace detail keeps it interesting.

I was going to add some narrow border to the scarf, but in the end I just kept it as it is. I like it this way, and it’s soft and feels great wrapped around my neck.

In any case I learned my lesson: choose only plain, single colour lace, and keep variegated yarn for non-lacy projects. But I’m definitely going to buy more hand-dyed yarn in the future!

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