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Autumn Top


I bought Debbie Bliss Rialto 4-ply merino yarn to knit a simple, basic cardigan. This yarn is almost neutral, pale blue and green combination that looks gray on darker days, so I thought it would be perfect to wear over other, more intense colours.

But then I changed my mind of course. It happened when I found the Walk Along pattern by Ankestrick on Ravelry. It’s exactly the kind of top I love – longer, lose-fitting and I really like the mock two-layered structure. So I decided to use my Debbie Bliss yarn for it, and add some Clover Cottage hand dyed yarn in Sirius colourway as the second colour. I’d prefer to reverse the colour scheme, but I don’t have enough of Sirius for that, and I’m still happy as it is.

I know I posted this photo in my previous entry, but I just love this yarn so much!

My main problem was the size. I’m battling some post-steroid weight gain after feeling sick in summer (8 kilos, which for someone short as me is actually 1 or 2 sizes difference!) and I just knew that if I knitted it in my usual size, it wouldn’t be loose-fitting as it is designed to be. But on the other hand, I am determined to loose the extra weight now that I’m off meds, so hopefully by the time that winter comes, it should be fine. So in the end I decided to knit it in my usual size. It almost fits, it’s just weirdly tight in the chest area and loose in other parts at the same time, hence no photos on the live model for now 😉 It doesn’t worry me though as most of my clothes look this way on me right now, and I know they’ll be good soon again.

Knitting in fingering weight takes more time than with heavier yarn, but I must say that I enjoyed the process so much. I just prefer lighter yarns – I like the fabric, the lightness of the finished project, and I don’t feel bored knitting it, even if it lasts longer than with heavier yarn. I also really enjoyed knitting the “under-layer” with the multicoloured Clover Cottage yarn.

I mean look how awesome it is even on the wrong side!

I knitted elbow-length sleeves. At first I wanted to knit them short, but then I realised that merino wool and short sleeves is a strange mix. Too warm for the days when short sleeves are fine, and too short sleeves for colder days (although I guess I could just wear it with a cardigan, but I want to show my little sweater to the world!) – so I decided to compromise and knit something in between.


The top is knitted in rounds, on circular needles, and I love the little detail of mock seams on the sides. The effect is achieved by slipping one stitch with yarn held in front every other row, and twisting the stitch in the remaining rows. It’s done both at the front and at the back, so the panels are created on both sides of the top.

The only thing I don’t like too much is the neckline, as I’d really like it to be deeper. It’s too close to my neck and I never feel very comfortable with that. I’ll remember to change it if I ever knit it again (which I hope to do!). And speaking of knitting it again, I find many other designs by Ankestrick stunning, including the Nightswimming tunic which is already in my queue.

Tonight I’m flying to Brussels as my new working season begins, and it always starts with a kick-off meeting there. I packed my suitcase, I’ll have lunch and then I’m ready to go. In the meantime, I feel safe knowing that my luggage is fiercely guarded 🙂

If Stella gets too tired and needs a nap…
20170920_124723 (1).jpg
…Ciri is right there to take over!

Alright, that’s all from me – I hope everyone is having a great day full of exciting new projects!

3 thoughts on “Autumn Top

  1. Super-love! ❤ I’m so glad you didn’t reverse the colors – I totally love how that splash of color adds so much and works so well with the plain top.
    Good luck for the new working season, and for taking care of your health!

    Liked by 1 person

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