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Autumn is officially here now and even my cats noticed that. It’s much less common these days to see them like this:


Instead, they started sleeping in their cat houses again to keep themselves warm and cozy.


And Stella spends more time on my lap, which isn’t very comfortable when I’m sitting on the chair trying to type, but I still enjoy her purring and her soft fur next to me. So much better than a hot water bottle!

Like my cats, I can also feel that it’s getting chilly, especially when I’m not moving too much inside the apartment, so I decided to turn two small heaters on, one in the corridor and another one in the living room. It’s still not time for all of the heaters to work – I’m saving those for winter, two are fine for now.

But the last weekend nothing seemed to help. I spent it under a blanket, drinking one hot tea after another, and still shivering despite that. The Boyfriend kept looking at me suspiciously and finally told me that something was wrong with me as it was really not cold at all. He thought I might be getting a cold. And I wish he wasn’t right, but he was! I woke up with fever and runny nose on Monday and it only got worse yesterday. I feel a little better today, but my nose is red and hurts from being wiped all the time, and my throat is sore. I can honestly admit that when I have a cold, I’m the most grumpy person ever, I just can’t stand the runny nose and teary eyes, and sneezing! Besides, we were planning to go to Belfast on Saturday but it seems unlikely now, especially that usually when one of us gets a cold, it’s only a matter of days before another one does as well. This makes me even more grumpy 😉

So what does a knitter do when she feels cold and really needs to warm up?

She knits socks!


I made this pair of super warm, cozy yoga socks in two evenings. That was a very fast and easy knit and I love these socks so much! I wish I had more yarn to make them longer like in the pattern, so that I could roll them or pull them above the knee, but since I knitted them with leftovers from the Boyfriend’s hat and scarf set, I only had a little over one skein of yarn. Even so, they are long and nice and perfect to wear at home with leggings.


I think I’m going to use this pattern again in the future, it’s such a great option for someone like me who doesn’t like to wear thick socks with shoes, but really needs them inside the house. I can wear thinner socks when I go out and then when I come home just add these yoga socks on top of them and feel comfy and warm.

I’m also knitting a pair of regular socks with fingering Drops Fabel yarn but something’s not right. This is the third pattern I’m trying out, because I really didn’t like how the previous two were turning out. I’m nearly at the end of my first sock and I just think it’s going to be too wide. I hate socks which don’t fit well, I’m slightly obsessed about my feet feeling comfortable and when socks roll around them it’s just so annoying! So I’m not really sure if I’m even going to finish that project at all. We’ll see after the first one is ready.

I really like the colour though.

In addition to sock knitting therapy for the cold, yesterday I felt that what I really needed was a bowl of hot chicken soup. Unfortunately I didn’t have the right vegetables and I can’t imagine my favourite chicken broth – the way my Mum prepares it – without at least one or two carrots to give it a nice, delicately sweetened flavour. But I had lemons so I knew that the alternative was the Greek version of chicken soup with lemon! I called the Boyfriend at work and he told me how to prepare it with only the ingredients we had at home. If you’d like to try some Mediterranean classic, the simplified “crisis” version, great to help combat the virus, is this:

Take  some chicken and put it in the pot – I had 4 chicken thighs so that’s what I used. Pour enough water to cover the chicken, and add an onion, a carrot (this is what I had to skip but in this recipe I don’t really mind since the soup has a strong flavour anyways) two spoons of olive oil, two bay leaves and some salt and pepper (I actually used vegetable stock cube instead of salt). Cook until meat gets really soft – since I have my pressure cooker, it took only 30 minutes. Take the chicken and vegetables out and remove the bones from meat. Add some soup rice or orzo pasta and cook until it gets soft, then turn the heat off and add the deboned chicken. Squeeze in the juice from two lemons (this is going to make the soup quite sour so use less if you don’t want it). And that’s it – you have the light version of traditional Greek Avgolemono soup! You can eat the cooked carrots separately 😉

In the “full” version, you should also add 1 or 2 eggs at the end, after whipping them with some soup and lemon with a blender, but according to the Boyfriend, if you want to use this soup as a cold remedy, you shouldn’t do that – the lighter eggless version is better. I don’t know if it really makes a difference but I didn’t feel like whipping the eggs anyways, so I gladly skipped that part 😉

And now after writing it I’m feeling hungry so I’ll go to reheat a bowl of my soup and hope that the next time I write here, I’ll be feeling much better. Stay healthy everyone!

4 thoughts on “Cold

  1. I thought you were going to do yoga wearing those yoga socks, and went – “noo, rest, please!” I do like those socks, though. ☺
    Hope you feel better soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, yoga and me don’t work together well I’m afraid😁 And thank you, I woke up today feeling much better already! I can handle anything as long as my nose isn’t leaking 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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