This messy pile above is my sock collection – all pairs of socks and leg warmers that I’ve knitted except those that were made for someone else and one pair which felted in the laundry – even though the yarn was supposed to be machine washable! They don’t look to well because I don’t ever bother with blocking socks after washing, thankfully on the feet their looks improve a lot.

The rusty pair on the left is my most recent project, the same My Cup of Tea socks that I wrote about in the previous post. I wasn’t sure if I’d even finish them, because they seemed too wide, but in the end I decided to go on and they’re not that bad. You can see below that the feet are a bit too wide indeed, but not so much that I can’t wear them.

See my cool alpaca pajama? My friend bought it for me because my plan for retirement is to buy a house with a garden and have two alpacas 😉 plus cats and dogs of course!

I’m wearing one my sock pairs as I’m writing this post and it feels so great! Warm and comfy, and it’s so exciting to think that I made them. Quite amazing!

I’m still feeling sick unfortunately, even though most of the cold symptoms are gone (thank heavens!), my joints are achy and I’m also feeling fatigued, as if the virus drained all my energy. I’m trying to focus on work but the brain fog doesn’t help it and it takes me twice the normal time! Feeling like that, I’m staying mostly at home, but today I decided to go out for the first time, because I had some good reasons. First thing is this awesomeness that I had to pick up from delivery depot:

I could have asked the Boyfriend to pick it up for me but I’m at that stage of yarn hoarding when I begin to hide my purchases because I feel guilty… even though he never said a word!

It’s Wensleydale pure wool from West Yorkshire Spinners. I wanted to try their yarn out for a while, and finally I found a good excuse for that – a gift for my Friend. She usually wears warm colours, from brown to red, and they match her amber eyes and dark brown hair perfectly. But she told me some time ago that she would like to add some pink to her wardrobe, so I’m more than happy to make her wish come true. I thought that The Rain Outside pattern would be perfect to show off this beautiful hot pink and cool silvery gray. I’ve seen this shawl on many blogs that I follow and it always looks spectacular. I only worry that it may feel a little itchy next to skin, because this wool is a little bit fuzzy. It’s very soft for pure wool and I think after washing it’s going to get even softer, but it still has these tiny hair. I have to think it through – maybe a cardigan would be better, and I should look for some other yarn for a shawl? In any case, I love this wool so much and I really like the way these two colours compliment each other.

My second reason to go out was to donate some of my past finished projects to a charity auction. One of the dolls I’d crocheted long time ago, some of the more recent hats and scarves… I’m really happy because I can contribute to a cause which is dear to my heart (animal rescue), but also – mwahaha! – because now I have a reason to knit more hats and scarves for myself! And to crochet some amigurumi too! I stopped doing it for a few reasons, one of them being that I don’t really have small children around me. My nephew is getting older, so do some of my friends’ kids… and it’s even worse with dolls, as most of the children in my life are boys anyways and not interested in them. But when I donated my toys, the auction organizer was super happy so I can sense more toys in the future! It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

So is anyone out there as sock-obsessed as me? Do you have some great patterns to recommend?

11 thoughts on “Socks!

  1. Aw hope you get back to normal soon.
    I love your latest pair of socks! I’m not into socks, but I find most handknit socks beautiful.
    And the new yarn – the colors are made for each other! I think the shawl would look great in these.


    1. Being into socks sounds so funny – aren’t knitters strange people? 😉 I couldn’t live without socks and that’s what makes knitting them fun for me.
      Yes about the shawl – I still haven’t decided if the yarn is too scratchy for a shawl or not (I gave it to my Boyfriend to try and he said he wouldn’t be able to wear it on his neck – I use him as my tester for people with sensitive skin and his response worries me. I could totally wear a shawl like that, but than I my skin seem to be able to handle much more…). But if I decide to buy a different yarn for the shawl, I’ll have to find something in very similar colours because I love them so much and I think they would make a beautiful accessory to wear with a neutral-coloured jacket. First thing though – I’m going to soak this yarn in fabric softener and see how it feels then.

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      1. Fabric softener seems like a good idea! Hope it makes the yarn wearable for your friend. Buying replacement yarn is difficult if a bar has already been set – at least for me, nothing seems to measure up. ☺

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      2. I know, and the colours in this yarn are so amazing and saturated that it will be hard to replace them, I love all their Gems collection – I’m tempted with some red, I might buy it in the future… It’s also really warm, not too thick but I’m sure it will be great as a warm winter shawl, so I hope it gets nice and very soft. Comments on Ravelry seem to confirm that 😉

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  2. I love the combination of the grey and pink of the WYS yarn- I really hope it softens up enough for your friend to wear it! I’m having a similar debate about some lovely Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester yarn- I’ve got the perfect amount for a big, cuddly shawl but I’m worried it might be just a little too scratchy round my neck. I’m going to experiment with wool washes to see if they soften it a bit. I’d be really interested in hearing if you find anything that helps!

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    1. If I find a way to soften it up I will write about it! It’s just such a beautiful yarn and soft for sheep yarn but not necessarily soft enough for a shawl… I want to wash it once I’m done with a few other projects and see if it changes. On the other hand I’ve never washed yarn before knitting so I wonder if it won’t become tangled… ah, knitter’s dilemmas! 😉

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      1. That would be great, thanks! I’m a bit tentative about washing yarn too- think I may try washing a swatch and if that works, I’ll just do the same to the finished shawl and hope that’s enough. I’ve also got a slightly scratchy cowl to practice washing- I’m going to try a couple of washes in Eucalan wool wash- I’ll let you know if it helps!

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