Sirius Beanie

My favourite model looks well in anything. Even if it doesn’t fit.

I’m still knitting my simple scarf. It’s been over a week now and I can’t see the end of this project. That’s why I decided to take a very short break and spend an evening over a quick beanie in my Sirius Clover Cottage sock yarn.

To knit this beanie, I cast on 120 stitches with German twisted cast on, and after knitting 3 centimeters of 1×1 rib, I increased to 138 stitches. At first I wanted to create sections of lacy pattern (just with simple yarn-overs, nothing fancy), but it just didn’t look well on such a very colourful, variegated yarn. That’s why I decided to stick to stockinette only and let the colours do the work. I made this beanie a little bit slouchy, with delicate positive ease, but not too much as I’m not a fan of too slouchy hats.


I’m a big fan of wrong side of stockinette stitch in variegated yarn. It’s always so cute!

It’s such a fast and lovely knit, and I always enjoy working with variegated, colourful yarn. Watching the pattern of colour changes emerge under my fingers is fascinating. And I really needed a thin, fingering weight hat for autumn. It’s light, cheerful and matches my Emerald Cabled Shawl!


It was also a comfort knit for me, because we received some really bad news from Boyfriend’s family this week and the moods are low at our home. Colour therapy is always a good thing when everything seems overwhelmingly gray.

And now I’m back to my slowly progressing scarf. A few rows a day!

4 thoughts on “Sirius Beanie

  1. You have a favorite model too! (I have one that looks gorgeous wearing tiaras, I mean bracelets, that I make.)
    Love the quick knit and the colors, and I totally love the wrong side of this one!
    Sorry to hear about the current atmosphere at home, hope things get brighter soon.

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  2. My poor teddy has to wear many ridiculous outfits, including doggie jumpers 😁
    And thank you! It’s a sad time so all good thoughts are welcome.

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