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Bringing the Fall in


Over a year ago I wrote about my autumn placemat project. I love this time of the year and it always makes me feel full of hope and ideas. I believe it’s a remnant of my school and university years – school in my country starts in September, and university year in October, and new beginnings always bring chance for something new and good. Those years are gone, but anticipation of something new always awakes in me when summer is over and the air gets cooler. Just like a new beginning.

The colours I love, just outside my window


I also love trees and leaves, and leafy motives, so it was only natural that I wanted to create something new to add to my placemats and coasters.

I used scraps of different cotton yarn from old projects, and I chose 3 different patterns: Fall Maple Leaves, Just Another Leaf and Oak Leaves. The patterns are very easy and each leaf took me between 5 and 10 minutes to crochet. I made them all yesterday during a few short breaks from work.

I crocheted them… and then I had no idea what to do with them. They seemed useless, even though I felt happy just looking at them. And I don’t like making stuff that doesn’t have any use, so after some heavy thinking I decided to hang them on the wall trying to arrange them like falling leaves.


It looks a little like something I used to do in preschool… just that back then it was with dried, pressed leaves collected in the park. And I feel a little happier each time I walk past that door now. My cats also seem very intrigued by these new surprising objects on the wall and since the leaves are within their reach, I’m really very curious how soon they’re going to ruin my new decorations 😉

Although when I checked on them before a moment, they stopped staring at the leaves and seemed to be busy with other stuff, so maybe there’s hope for the leaves after all…?

Ciri being super busy playing with her catnip sheep

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