Lotus Shawl

The gorgeous pine cones pin is from NataliStudio on Etsy

My plan to make shawls, scarfs and in some cases also matching hats as this year’s Christmas gifts for my loved ones is going smoothly so far. Last week I finished this thing of beauty, Lotus Shawl, by Yumiko Alexander (or DanDoh Design). I bought the Interweave book “Rustic Modern Knits” specifically for this pattern, because I fell in love with it as soon as I first saw it on the book’s cover online, and I knew I had to knit it one day. There are also other lovely patterns in the book and I’m going to knit some of them in the future too. I love Yumiko’s style, playing with textures, and unique way in which she makes vintage style look modern. Her designs are very feminine and flattering. She writes crochet patterns as well and there is a similar book “Rustic modern crochet” written by her.

The pattern can be made in different length and width combinations – to be worn as a scarf or a shawl. I chose the shawl version, shorter in length but wider, and I love it this way. I had some doubts if it was not too short at first, but blocking did its usual magic and made it look just perfect.


It was surprisingly fast knit – even though I could only knit in the evenings for a short time, I managed to finish it in about a week only. I guess it’s because the yarn is thicker than what I usually work with, and the pattern is not complicated.

I forgot to write that the shawl is for my Aunt – the same who received a crocheted golden scarf last year. She casually mentioned it last time we talked on the phone and asked if “by chance” I’m going to crochet or knit something this year as well… well, I got the hint and found Lotus pattern to be exactly in her style. I’m not knitting a matching hat though as no matter how hard I think, I can’t recall her ever wearing a hat and I have no clue what would she like. If I have enough time, I may knit a pair of mitts though.

The shawl is knitted with Mirasol Akapana and guys, I absolutely love this yarn. I’m a sucker for “interesting” yarns, with unusual texture, speckles, variegated colours etc. – and this yarn changes from thin (delicate DK) to thick (worsted and even aran at times) plus it has these lovely colourful donegal flecks. It’s also absolutely the softest thing I’ve ever worked with – with 65% content of baby llama and 25% of merino wool (the remaining 10% is donegal acrylic-viscose flecks) it feels just fantastic and it’s so warm! I’m also totally in love with its colour. I am lucky that I have a lot of it left (bought it online in bulk) so I think that I might knit exactly the same shawl with it again one day, this time for myself.


As you can see on the top photo, at first I tried to arrange it with a shawl pin, however it feels much more comfortable to wear with buttons. This is how it is worn on the pattern photo and it makes sense: this way the shorter shawl version creates a nice wrap or a capelet, which can easily fit under a jacket instead of a cardigan. I just need to buy nicer buttons, I think it deserves something truly unique.

Why haven’t I noticed that one button is undone before uploading this photo? 😦

So while I’m resisting the temptation to keep the shawl for myself and battling low mood and yet another cold (!), I’m staying in shawl knitting mode and working on a gift for a friend this time. I’d love to read in the comments what are your current WIPs!


15 thoughts on “Lotus Shawl

    1. Shawls are probably my favourite type of projects so it’s awesome to see other knitters working on them too 😦 Your shawl looks lovely with such nice colours and it must be super warm in bulky yarn!


  1. That was a super fast knit, and it looks super awesome! The color matches the pattern so well, and the softness is a bonus. I think your aunt will love it, and hint at another one for next year. 😉

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    1. I figured we can just start a new family tradition of new shawl for her each Christmas 🙄 that would work for both of us!
      For now I’m so tempted to keep it for myself though, I think I should knit one for myself soon!

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  2. Wow, what a beautiful shawl! I love how elegant the drapery looks. Your aunt is very lucky. I’m looking at the designer’s other patterns now and I definitely see some that I would like to try 🙂 Adding to my favourites. I also have a weakness for yarn with interesting texture and this one looks very pretty. We have some Donegal yarn, but so far I didn’t find any appropriate project for it.
    My current wip are fingerless mitts with a cable border. I’m putting together the pattern as I go. Not easy, but I like the challenge.

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    1. Yes, she really has a few more patterns in my queue as well ☺
      And designing your own knitting patterns sounds so awesome, I especially mitts + cables! I’ll be checking for the pattern on your blog ☺

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