This time in gray


I’m still neck-deep in my Christmas projects. I must’ve miscalculated the time completely, and I don’t know how it happened (where did all the time disappear?!) but I only have one week left to the postage of my package. For bigger parcels to Poland I always use the transport company which not only offers better prices than An Post, but also allows me to send stuff like cosmetics, whereas at the post office they consider them liquids and don’t allow to send them abroad. Anyway, the last day to send the parcel if I want it to be delivered before Christmas is next week. And that means that there’s no way to finish the Madigan top for my Mum – so I’m focused on hats and scarfs only. That’s not really a problem, my Mum gets more of my knits than anyone else anyway, and I have other things for her (and she’ll get her Madigan as well, just later), but I’m surprised at how fast time flies when there’s work to be done!

Well, with little time left I need to keep knitting – only my cats can be lazy all days long! πŸ™‚

Stella doesn’t care about deadlines

My latest finished projects, washed and ready to be packed, are another hat and scarf – this time for my Brother. They’ve been waiting in my queue for months, and from the very beginning they’d been meant for him. I don’t exactly know why, but these patterns are like made for him – I can easily imagine him wearing the hat, with his neck wrapped in the scarf. Add a nice jacket and it would be perfect to travel to one of his work meetings. My Brother is an automation engineer and travels for his work a lot between his employer’s Polish office, headquarters abroad and their customers – so I knew that whatever I knit must be able to keep him really warm and comfy.


I bought some worsted yarn from the Irish Fairytale Yarns in the Stonehenge colourway. I wanted to use hand dyed yarn to get a little bit of shades variation. I don’t think it’s very visible on the photos – perhaps it best shows on the brim of the hat where the darker gray forms a stripe across the ribbing – but it’s visible in reality and I like this subtle effect.

The hat is Melissa Thomson’s Jason’s Cashmere Hat, and the scarf/ cowl is Trilobite by Agata Smektala. Both patterns are free on Ravelry, and both are well written and easy to follow. And I think they make a nice set together!


I made a mistake in the hat though – somehow I didn’t notice that only rows 4-10 should be repeated in the hat’s main part; instead I’ve been repeating all the rows 1-10. As a result, my cables are longer, so I skipped the last cable repeat (I was too lazy to unravel the hat and knit it again, especially that I was consistent with my mistake and I think the hat looks just fine).


The scarf has buttons on one end so it can easily be transformed into a cowl, which I think is a good idea on a cold winter day. And I think that “trilobite” is a very suitable name – the “stripes” created by garter and stockinette stitches really look similar to the trilobite fossil!

Yesterday I knitted a hot pink hat for my friend, to go with her Rain Outside shawl, but it still needs to be blocked as it is lacy and the lace doesn’t really show when it’s not blocked. And today I started knitting the last set, for my Dad, and I decided to use the Malabrigo Rios yarn that I bought for my Mum, instead of the yarn planned initially. But that is a topic for the next update πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “This time in gray

  1. That’s a gorgeous pair of winterwear, and the patterns work well with each other. At first glance, I thought they were a matching set (from a single pattern.) I love the buttons! πŸ’•
    Time does fly especially when you have a lot to get done! Hope you finish the rest of your gifts soon. Will you knit a hat or a scarf for your mom too because of the change in plans? Or is the plan the same, only later?

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    1. No hat and scarf for my mum, I didn’t have a post about it but she actually received both recently, and I don’t want to be too repetitive. I will knit the top for her and have it with me next time I travel to Poland I guess. I feel like I need to focus on the men with knitting this time, as I knit stuff for mum throughout the year but I usually neglect them a little because knitting for men is somehow less fun πŸ˜‰
      Choosing the buttons was another challenge, I really wanted something more bold but in the end I decided to just keep it classy πŸ˜‰

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      1. Well your mom is pretty lucky then. ☺
        The buttons are perfect! I think even the bold look would work. Looks like this scarf is pretty accommodating. πŸ˜€
        I do agree about less knitting happening overall for men. My dad doesn’t even wear sweaters or hats much, so I can safely say I have zero practice knitting anything for men. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I find Twelfth Night on 6th January quite a useful “second Christmas”, in case I miss 25th December!! πŸ˜‰

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