Something for me


Since I’d used up half of the yarn bought for Mum’s Madigan top to knit Dad’s hat and scarf, I decided to steal the remaining half for my own selfish knitting. This way I’ll have an excuse to order another lovely colourway for Mum, and that already makes me happy! Besides after all this scarves and shawls knitting, I realised I haven’t actually made one for myself this year apart from the sort-of-felted scarf. Up till now I’ve been wearing my last year’s cabled shawl almost all the time and while I love it, one is simply not enough for a whole winter ahead of us, right? Plus I wanted something bigger, to be able to cover my shoulders and use it as additional layer over the jumper or cardigan.

I still want to knit the Lotus shawl for myself by the way! But for now, I started with Stroma triangle shawl pattern by Susan Ashcroft. This is a paid pattern, but it had been free for a couple of days after release, and that’s when I added it to my library. There is also a rectangular version if anyone prefers it.

It’s a lovely and easy to memorize pattern with mock cables. It can be any size, depending on the number of repeats of the motif made up of 24 rows. I made 13 repeats and the shawl is quite big, enough to cover my shoulders and back, and I tested it yesterday when I met with a few friends in the tea house – it was a bit chilly so wrapping myself with it felt like paradise!



You can see the difference in shade between skeins – I actually like it this way even more!


12 thoughts on “Something for me

  1. Gorgeous! I usually don’t knit cables and eyelets from variegated yarn because they don’t show so well, but this is definitely an exception! I like that you already wore it and are happy with it. 😊

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    1. Me neither, I avoid mixing variegated yarns and textures but the pattern photo showed similar yarn and I just loved the effect it gave. Maybe because these faux cables are large? In any case I really love how it turned out 😊

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  2. (I’m not stalking you, Hannah: it’s just that we have the same interests.)
    Kat, this is a fabulous pattern to knit: but it is big enough ? Shawls need to really warm you unless they’re lacy numbers, don’t you think ?
    And I agree about the ever-so-slight colourway change: it adds interest.


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