Little Sister’s Sunset Dress


This is a super quick, simple knit that I worked on mostly in the car to and from Wexford over the weekend. I made it as another item for the February pet rescue auction based on what was selling well the last time I participated (baby clothing, toys and dog clothes).

The pattern I followed is “Little Sister’s Dress” and it’s free on Ravelry. I only had 2 skeins of Drops Alpaca so as a result, it’s not as long as the original design – I think it’s more like a tunic rather than a dress. I still think it’s fine though, it should look cute with baby leggings!

I’d probably like it even more if it was knitted in single colour or maybe if I could alternate the colours of knit and purl rows in the yoke, but since I played yarn chicken with this dress, I was scared to experiment too much. Instead I just used one shade for the yoke and the brim, and another for the rest of the dress. I was also lucky to have some flower buttons matching this yarn perfectly!


The dress is supposed to fit a baby between 6 and 12 months old. I think it’s more fitting for a 12 months old rather than a 6 months old, and it is stretchy enough to grow with the child a little.

One thing I’ve learned from this project: knitting in the car is not my thing. These are probably the most uneven stitches I’ve produced since the time I had discovered combined knitting. Especially on the yoke! I think I’m going to stick to knitting in the comfort of my home or in the cafe during the knitting group meetings as I used to do before. That’s not a problem as I really love being a passenger and watching a changing landscape outside the windows.


It was such a cheerful, easy and fast project that reminded me how much better I feel knitting with finer yarns. Recently I’ve been using mostly DK and worsted yarn and knitting with fingering weight felt so much more natural to me! Luckily I have some thin yarn waiting for its turn in my queue and I already know what to knit with it as soon as my current DK project is completed πŸ™‚

And to end this post on a different note I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my previous post and offered support or advice. It means a lot and I really believe that nothing helps combat bad feelings as well as kind and friendly people around us – even if we know each other only virtually. I’m already feeling a bit better!


14 thoughts on “Little Sister’s Sunset Dress

  1. Hello lovely Kat, I’m so glad you are feeling better πŸ™‚
    I love the wee dress and the colours together. I think it’s easier to crochet in a traveling car than knitting.
    I like knitting with finger yarn too. I find it so much more rewarding even though it takes that bit longer.

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    1. You are right, I actually tried crocheting in a car and it was easier. Although in general I think I will just knit or crochet at home πŸ˜‰
      I think thinner yarns are more rewarding and I just feel like I’m more in control when I use thinner needles. Not sure why but that’s how it feels to me. And I just like the thinner fabrics that I can knit with fingering yarn. I don’t mind that it takes longer – I enjoy knitting so I’m fine with projects that take more time!

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    1. Thank you! Every cent counts and these auctions give me an excuse to knit items that I wouldn’t have knitted otherwise, so everyone wins! πŸ˜‰ And hopefully someone will enjoy the dress for their baby which is another good thing!

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  2. So pretty! And I totally love the flowery buttons. Two colors work great for this dress. I too would’ve loved to experiment with a striped yoke if I had enough yarn.
    I’m not a knit-in-a-car person either, but I generally don’t do pretty much anything in a car because I start feeling carsick in a while so… 😜

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    1. I felt a bit dizzy too but it stopped after a while so I continued. It just didn’t work too well obviously.
      This dress is so cute that I might try again some day with the striped yoke, just because it would look cute and I’d enjoy knitting it!

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