My welcome committee. Waiting for their treats πŸ™‚

Goodbye, creepy hotel room, and goodbye Brussels! I’m back home and it’s so awesome to be here again!

It’s been such a strange week. The work meetings were intense as always, but I think they went really well. There was also some socializing in the evenings which kept me out of my hotel room for a few hours after work. And all the nights I slept with the light on, which is something I never do – in fact I can’t remember leaving the light on even as a child. But look at these photos and tell me that you wouldn’t feel weird there? Especially considering that these 2-storey rooms are located in a totally different part of the hotel than all the “normal” rooms, and to go there you have to climb very narrow stairscase and walk through an old, isolated and dark corridor.

When it comes to the hotels in Brussels, each time when I think I’ve seen it all, something new and unexpected happens. From the see-through bathroom walls, through rooms so small that there is no floor space outside of the bed, to this huge chamber. Seriously, if you plan to visit Brussels, stay in a b&b. They are much more affordable, definitely much nicer and more cozy, and if you are lucky you can have a really interesting host that will turn your breakfast into time of fascinating discussions. Alternatively be ready to pay a lot for better quality hotel, but Brussels can be really expensive, especially at the time of huge EU events (translation: nearly always). Unfortunately this time I didn’t know the date of my travel until about 3 days before departure so most b&bs and nicer hotels were already rented 😦

Well, I survived, but a strange thing happened on the last night. Maybe it’s just my anxiety that makes me see it as sinister, and there is an innocent explanation, but it made me feel absolutely grateful that it was the last night there. If you look at the photos, you can see that on the left wall, just at the bottom of the staircase, there is an air conditioning switch. There was no remote controller for the air conditioning and I had to set the temperature manually. Because I slept at the upper part of the room, where all the warm air gathered, I set the temperature to 20-21 degrees Celsius in the evening and 19 degrees at night. It felt just enough and the temperature always stayed exactly as I set it.

Well, this last night I was really tired and I went to sleep earlier – about 10 p.m, leaving the air conditioning at 20 degrees. I woke up absolutely terrified about 2 a.m., and I had a very bad feeling that someone was in my room. Something like that happened to me only once before – when I fell asleep in the train and woke up convinced that someone was in my compartment. As I checked my luggage, I noticed that my handbag had been stolen.

So this time I woke up with the same bad feeling and almost breathless from the heat. I thought that obviously 20 degrees is too much at night and went downstairs to change it. Guys, it was set to 26 degrees… I felt so spooked out that I run back up, grabbed my only available weapon – metal nail file – and stayed there, too scared to check behind the curtains downstairs. I hardly slept for the rest of the night.

My faithful laptop which helped me survive all the hotel evenings…

So I really don’t know what it was. This air conditioning is pretty old, not connected to some central control system etc. I really hope that maybe there was power shortage during the night and it just reset itself. Alternatively, according to my boyfriend (who mocks me mercilessly and says that I should finally learn to stop watching creepy programmes as they make my imagination run wild), maybe there was a remote controller on my bed that I didn’t notice and I accidentally pressed it in my sleep (which is ridiculous: EVERYTHING wakes me up, I can’t imagine not noticing something like that for a couple of nights). Otherwise, he says, why would anyone enter my room only to change the temperature setting? I admit it sounds ridiculous, but it also makes me a bit angry, because it clearly shows how different such things look for men than for women. He doesn’t realise how many creepy people are out there, and how many things and situations that he doesn’t even notice can be a threat for us. As a result, he can’t understand why I don’t think that this situation is too ridiculous too be true…

Well anyways… that was my Brussels adventure, winter 2018. As we still don’t know the results of the tender, I can’t tell if I’ll go there again for work anytime soon. The good news though is that I negotiated much better financial conditions – that is, if the company I work with wins the tender. As if, more than double what I make now, which is quite amazing in itself. Keep your fingers crossed that they win please!

One thing about this travel that I enjoyed: watching sunset above the clouds.

Other good news, at least for me, is that I received a payment for the work that kept me busy between October and January, so I could update my yarn stash a little. I’ll post about it when all the yarn arrives πŸ™‚



17 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Did you mention it to the hotel staff? If the air-con was old and unpredictable, they could have confirmed that it acts up every so often..
    Having said that, you get teased by your boyfriend for watching creepy programmes – mine freaks me out by totally believing in ghosts and being quite convincing about it! So much so that I was scanning your photos for orbs!!
    On a more human note, there really are some nutcases out there, and why would someone go into your room just to change the temperature setting? Well, why not?? It doesn’t have to be logical to you or me!
    Hope your company gets the tender – double pay! Yes please!! πŸ™‚

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    1. I didn’t mention it as I felt it would sound silly. Then I was angry at myself as generally i think it’s better to be silly than murdered… ugh 😐
      I scanned my photos for ghosts/ orbs/ strange objects too and I don’t even believe in them! But something about that room was just weird, I’ve always felt safe in hotel rooms…till now.
      Also as far as nutcases are concerned, I’ve met my share of creeps and I can imagine someone just doing it for the sense of power over a vulnerable woman or too stare at her sleeping. Not saying tha t’s what happened but it frustrates me that he dismisses it completely.
      Ghosts believing and convincing boyfriend would totally make me freak out too!
      Oh and thank you about the tender good wishes 😊


  2. Your boyfriend is just being a boy. Unfortunately, boys, especially in some cultures, are taught to minimize their feelings, to ridicule them as a sign of “weakness.” and not be such big sissies. Maddening though it is, this is how he was taught to respond to such situations. Girls, on the other hand, are taught to be constantly aware of how vulnerable they are, and then are ridiculed for their “vivid imaginations.”

    Brussels is an old city, and who is to say how old the building was that formed that part of the hotel or how many times it has been remodeled? There is some scientific basis for such feelings of uneasiness, especially in old buildings, that has to do with their siting or construction or changes that have been made to them, or vibrations from the traffic or subways. Scientific instruments can pick up disturbances in the electromagnetic energy of such places in specific spots where people have felt “presences.” There are buildings where the temperature consistently drops 5 -10 degrees at odd times in certain spots quite suddenly for no apparent reason, or where different people unknown to each other independently report similar experiences in certain locations. Some people are more sensitive to such things, women in particular.


    1. Oh yes, spot on about the differences between genders and how we are conditioned to react to things in different ways!
      I really don’t know what was that about the hotel room that made me feel so anxious there but I sure hope it won’t happen in any other place and I’m very happy to be back home!


  3. Well that was creepy. I’d always wonder about someone being there, but I’d like to think/hope there’s a more benign explanation due to the age of the building. Anyway, you’re out of there now so fingers crossed your company wins the tender. πŸ™‚

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      1. I can’t sleep on trains, buses or planes either (mostly because I’m not able to sleep when it’s loud, contrary to my bf who once slept through an earthquake), it happened only 1 time in my life and that’s when I was robbed. Because everyone in the compartment fell asleep at the same time, the railway security actually suggested someone might use a gas on us that made us all fall asleep. I refuse to believe it just because I’d never be able to travel anywhere again…


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