I’m joining a CAL!

The best Quality Control 🙂

So it happened: I decided to join my first Crochet Along – Arizona blanket! I’ve never participated in any CALs or KALs, for two reasons: I haven’t found any that would appeal to me enough to get out of my comfort zone, plus I’m just too impatient for that. I still don’t think I could participate in a KAL – I’m not sure why, but just the thought of having on ongoing, long term project hibernating on my needles while I’m working on other things gives me anxiety and my obsessive brain just can’t handle this idea. It seems a little easier with crochet. I already have such project – my Swedish Popcorn Blanket (which by the way is going to take years to finish, if I ever finish it at all) and I’m really relaxed about it, so adding another one was an easy decision.

I haven’t been trying to find any CALs and I stumbled upon Pippin Poppycock’s Arizona by accident, while ordering Malabrigo yarn on the Wool Warehouse website. Wool Warehouse sells yarn packs for this CAL and I quickly decided to order the Thunderstorm colourway set (mainly gray, black, red and white). I love this style of blankets, I love that it’s Navajo-inspired, and all the symbolism of colours. I didn’t want to choose other shades of yarn for this project, since those in Thunderstorm pack look very authentic and I just want to keep my blanket close to its inspiration.


And except ordering my CAL yarn pack from Wool Warehouse, I also bought some Malabrigo Rios for the Madigan top for my Mum. As you can see, Quality Control had to accept this yarn as well!

I’m not sure what will I do with the blanket once it’s finished – I’m hesitating between keeping it and giving it to my parents (and then crocheting another one for myself, in lighter shades, as nothing shows cat hair as well as black yarn). It doesn’t matter though, I’m really excited about this CAL and I can’t wait to begin crocheting! Still two weeks to go until it begins in March 🙂

Have you ever participated in crochet/ knitting/ other crafts make along? I’d love to read about your experiences!

13 thoughts on “I’m joining a CAL!

  1. Good luck in the CAL! It looks like it will be a lot of fun to work with all the different colour changes and stitches.
    I’ve done a number of shawl kals and have had some good experiences-I always learned something new and tried things I might not otherwise have been brave enough or thought I had the patience to do. I also enjoyed having a clear timetable and drive to get the project completed within the month or so of the kals-made me much more efficient and productive than my usual knitting!

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    1. This is what I’m thinking – such a great opportunity to learn new techniques and stitches, the designer will provide tutorials and videos to explain the stitches! In theory I can see KALs/CALs as great ways to be more organized and learn a lot, it’s just my stupid mind that needs to have control being scared from giving this control away. Ugh, I hope this CAL will be a good starting point for me to get rid of this obsessive thinking. Thank you for your comment, it’s a great reminder of why it’s worth to work on my obsessions!

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      1. I had similar concerns about whether I would enjoy a kal as I usually spend ages planning every detail of what I’m making, from yarn, colour, fit etc. and like to know exactly what I’m doing. But I have actually found kals to be a good way for me to try and relax and think less about the details-it’s almost relaxing to not have the option to plan for everything! I try to look at kals as a bit of an adventure, outside of my usual planned knitting, and so tend to think more about the experience than the end product-which means I’m more relaxed about prospect of end result not being quite as I would like, as I’m still enjoying the new skills, community feel and fact that it’s a bit of a holiday from my usual style! (I do still massively over-think yarn choices though!)

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      2. Haha, I started overthinking yarn choices for this CAL and then just thought why to do it if it’s already planned and well thought out? 🙂

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  2. It took me ages to join a CAL. I’m enjoying Eleonora’s CAL so much, I’ve really surprised myself. I think it’s not knowing what is coming next that keeps me going.
    I hope you enjoy yours just as much 😊

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    1. Oh yes, I really love seeing your CAL updates, and it is encouraging to see how much you’re enjoying it. I am so excited for my CAL that I just know I’m going to love it too ❤

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  3. Wow that’s awesome, Kat! Hope you enjoy the CAL! The yarn looks yummy. 😍
    Joining a CAL / KAL is something I’ve been considering. So far, I’ve joined a SAL and it’s been fun, but I think that’s because of the lack of strict deadlines there. Looking forward to hearing about your experience!

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  4. I love “alongs.” Everyone working on the same thing at the same time and talking about it and being excited about it is so much fun. Life has been too busy for me to commit to anything lately, so I’m envious of your new project. Have fun! Can’t wait to see your blanket!! 🙂

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    1. I’ve joined the facebook group of this CAL and I can already see what you mean. It hasn’t even started yet but the talking and excitement is already there!

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