Still Light Tunic


It’s finished, blocked and it’s all I’ve wanted it to be! My Still Light tunic (pattern by Veera Välimäki) is my new favourite dress, perfect for the end of winter when it’s not so cold anymore, so fingering yarn is enough. And it has pockets! Seriously, I’m so proud of myself – I was afraid of knitting a garment with pockets but the instructions are so clear and the design so smart that it was very easy.


I used up 8 skeins of Drops Flora for this dress, which is roughly 1.700 metres. Over 1.5 km of stockinette stitch! If I was someone who gets bored with stockinette stitch, I’d hate this pattern, but I actually find it so relaxing when I don’t need to worry about any complicated stitches and just keep my hands busy while I’m watching a movie.

I love everything about this tunic, it’s comfy and casual shape, the length of the sleeves, and the colour of the yarn (I was a little worried that I might end up looking like a giant Smurf in it, but even if I do, at least it’s a happy Smurf). Oh, and the metal, irregular shaped button on the back of the neck – yes, it’s actually a Drops button as well, because I’m clearly a faithful customer 😉


I’m really glad that I had read the comments of other Ravellers and decided to knit it in size S instead of M, which is my usual size, as it turns out larger than the size suggests. In fact I could even reduce the number of stitches around the waist and I’d still end up with a casual, relaxed fit.

Because it’s fingering weight yarn, the fabric is thin and a little see-through, so it’s probably safer to wear it with leggings or a longer coat if someone is concerned about that. Frankly I don’t really care 😉



17 thoughts on “Still Light Tunic

    1. Thank you Tracey! I was worried while knitting that it might turn out completely shapeless or just too small/ too big… but I’m really happy with it ❤

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  1. It looks amazing! I’ve been dithering about whether to knit this design myself but am definitely going to add it on to my ravelry queue now- and I may end up copying you exactly with the Drops wool as I love the colour! 😀

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    1. It had been in my queue for about a year before I finally thought that I should really knit it. No regrets, I should have done it sooner, it’s simple and cute, and super comfy 😍 hope when you knit yours, you’ll love it just as much!

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