Arizona blanket CAL – final update


My Arizona Blanket is finished! My first crochet along was a great experience and I love, love, love the blanket so much! It’s big enough to use it as a bedspread for a double bed, the colours and patterns are beautiful, and the squishy, 3-dimensional texture of the stitches is just amazing. Just look at all this yarny goodness:

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I’m honestly not sure what to do with it. I’m torn between leaving it for myself and giving it to my parents. It might make an awesome Christmas gift that would really look gorgeous in their new place, I can imagine it on the coach in my Dad’s room! Plus I’d already have one gift planned πŸ˜‰ In any case it’s quite warm these days so I’m not going to use it now – I have time to think and make up my mind. I love having such dilemmas!


Taking part in this CAL reminded me of how much I enjoy crocheting and I’m already planning my next crochet project. It’s a good think to be able to switch between crochet and knitting and let different muscles work.

And if I can be completely honest here, my mood hasn’t been the best recently, so working on the blanket was a great way to distract myself and feel better at least for a while each day. There’s something about the way in which the red yarn is contrasted with the gray, white and black shades in the blanket that just cheers me up so much. So thank you, Emma from Pippin’s Crochet for this amazing CAL!


13 thoughts on “Arizona blanket CAL – final update

  1. The blanket is gorgeous beyond words! 😍 I didn’t realize earlier that it would be this large…
    Since there’s time until Christmas, maybe you can crochet one more of it – dilemma resolved, lol! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

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    1. I’m really tempted to do that! On the other hand, I’m also tempted to work on so many other projects so it may wait a while in my queue 😁

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  2. You did such a beautiful job on it. Really spectacular. Maybe there will be another afghan CAL between now and Christmas and you can decide which one gets gifted and which one gets kept.– of course, it could be a tough choice, too, LOL!

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