Change of plans

Just getting started

Last year I had started crocheting a cotton thread Swedish Popcorn Bedspread for my parents. From time to time I’d picked it from its project bag, crocheted one or two hexagons, and then put it away for longer and longer periods of time. As much as I love the pattern for this bedspread, I just didn’t feel that the thin crochet thread was the right choice. The hexagons seemed way too delicate, and I kept thinking that it wouldn’t be sturdy enough, especially in a house with a dog that is allowed to sleep everywhere. This bedspread is very time consuming, so I wanted to be sure that it’s going to last forever! 🙂

Usually when I can’t fully commit to a project, it means that I should I just resign from working on it – and that’s what happened this week. I’m still going to crochet this bedspread one day, I think it’s gorgeous, but I’ll definitely choose some thicker yarn – perhaps fingering or even DK weight cotton. In the meantime, there’s a lot of crochet thread left in my stash, which means I can use it for something else.

But what? Well, I’ve been looking for a nice, large tablecloth pattern for a while now – I wanted a classic, vintage doily, round or rectangular, and that’s why I chose this pattern. It’s called Pineapple Potpourri Tablecloth, and on Ravelry you can find it as Pineapple Petals Tablecloth. According to Ravelry, it was first published in 1961.

I love that it’s large enough for my kitchen table and I like the traditional pineapple pattern. I made a pineapple doily in the past and a pineapple sofa throw (which is in fact just a very oversized doily!) and I enjoyed both of these projects. Pineapple motif is very logical, so it’s pretty easy to memorize instructions for each round, and it looks lovely, so what’s more to want?


According to the pattern, this doily requires about 2750 metres of thread, which is almost precisely the size of my cotton thread stash. So here’s the first 10 rounds and hopefully I’m going to enjoy the rest of the project just as much!

12 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. That’s a beautiful choice! Too bad the bedspread didn’t work out, but I agree with your reasons. Looking forward to seeing the tablecloth some day!

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    1. To be honest I had a bad feeling about the bedspread from the beginning, but for a while I thought maybe it would pass. It didn’t so now it’s doily time 🙂

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    1. It must’ve been beautiful! Do you still have some of her works? I wish I had some family heirlooms like that, my grandmothers both knitted and one of them crocheted too. I always remember her rugs and amazing crochet pillows… pity that I don’t have even one thing, the older I get, the more valuable they seem to me!


  2. No, unfortunately she died far too young, and my father gave most of it away to others. I remember her knitting during Canadian winter evenings, with her feet up on the oven door of the wood stove in the kitchen!

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    1. That’s such a shame 😦
      But the part about feet on up on the stove made me laugh, I’d totally do the same if I had stove like that! Cozy feet+knitting: can there be any better way to spend the evening?

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  3. In the American Colonial period, the pineapple was symbolic of welcoming guests into one’s home, and the pineapple motif appears in furniture, textiles and graphic arts of that period. The crocheted pineapple motif may date back that far as well. My father’s mother was a great crocheter. In the 1950’s, she crocheted a rectangular pineapple table cloth for my mom’s dining table that sat 8.
    That round table cloth pattern looks lovely. It ought to keep you busy for a while — LOL.

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    1. That’s very interesting about the pineapple symbolism! I mostly thought it’s popular in crochet because it’s such a versatile motif that looks impressive but is surprisingly easy to make.
      And yes, it’s definitely going to keep me busy for a while – now that the doily has grown, the rounds are getting longer and take more and more time to crochet. And there’s over 120 rounds so I’m going to spend some time working on it 😉


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