Clarity Cardigan


Clarity Cardigan by Gretchen Ronnevik was my first knitting project after 2 weeks long break in April. Return to knitting was less smooth than I expected, and the cardigan took almost a month to finish. I’m happy to say that my knitting muscles and joints are back in shape and I’m enjoying both knitting and crochet again!

Clarity Cardigan is one of those patterns that are exactly what I love: simple, yet interesting shape, beautiful A-line, lovely details including different draping options and the fact that it’s knitted in fingering/ sport weight yarn. There are not specific button holes, and the side hem’s eyelets are used to button it up instead, so it can be draped in multiple ways.

I know many knitters consider knitting only in stockinette stitch boring, but I really enjoy it, and I love the texture it creates, especially with thinner, smooth yarn. I also think that this Irish Fairytale Yarns’ fingering 100% merino in the Irish Strawberry colourway  was a perfect choice for this project! It’s a muted, semisolid red, and it’s going to work great with most of my clothes.

And look at these silver vintage buttons ordered on Etsy!

The pattern is beautiful and highly customizable, but I won’t hide the fact that it really could be written better. I don’t like criticizing designers and the way they write their patterns – if you don’t count my constant struggles with reading Drops patterns of course – but if not for the notes of other Ravellers, I’d have had a really hard time with this project. There are mistakes (more than one) and some parts of the pattern are just not very clear. All of it has been described by knitters many times and I’d so appreciate if the designer corrected the mistakes and updated it!

Well, I’m glad that Ravelry is such a useful tool, and the notes that other Ravellers wrote about their projects helped me a lot. I also made a few modifications: I skipped the pockets (I was worried they would look a little bulky and I wanted to keep the simple A-line shape of the cardigan), decreased the number of stitches in the hem and made the bottom hem a little longer, and I kept increasing the body throughout all the length of the sweater, not just to the indicated beginning of the pockets.

And here’s the result of my work over the past month (almost):



And something tells me that it’s not going to rest in the wardrobe too much. I want to wear that thing!

11 thoughts on “Clarity Cardigan

  1. Beautiful! The color, the design, and the fit – they’re all awesome. If I made one, I don’t think it’d stay inside my wardrobe much either!
    It’s also wonderful that your hands are back to crafting normalcy. 🙂

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    1. It really is a great design, I feel so awesome in it! And the yarn is just beautiful. It’s also interesting how it’s so easy for me to knit (more or less) evenly with it, contrary to alpaca yarns… 🤔

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