Cotton towels


Some time ago I bought a few skeins of Drops Safran cotton yarn in two different shades of blue, with a thought of knitting a summer top. But I just really couldn’t find any top pattern that I wanted to knit with this yarn. Maybe because I have a dishcloth made with it and in my mind, this is just a dishcloth-y kind of cotton? I’m not sure, but eventually I just left it alone in my cotton box together with other scraps and leftovers from amigurumi toys.

And then beautiful weather came to Ireland, and we started spending as much time as possible outdoors, especially going hiking on the weekends. I love mountain hiking and rock climbing, and I used to do it a lot in the past, so getting slowly back on track was a great idea.

Just a few kilometres from Dublin

When you go hiking, you want to minimise the weight of your backpack as much as possible. And you also want to be prepared for anything, just in case. That’s how the idea of knitting a few light-weight, cotton hand towels came to my mind: basically just larger dishcloths, easy to wash and often useful on the way – like when that coffee from your bottle gets accidentally spilt all over, or when you get the chance to wash your hands in a mountain stream.



I also take these towels to the gym, and they are just what I need: something to wipe the sweat off my face and then just throw them into the washing machine at home.

I made the first four using single skeins in different colours. I wanted the towels to be textured, so I used my stitch reference book and chose seed stitch, checkers and triangles patterns, and ridged ribs.

They work well for what I needed them and I’m definitely going to keep knitting in between other projects, using up the odd skeins from my cotton stash. It’s such a good and easy way to try out new stitches too! It also felt safe, because I knew that if I didn’t like them as gym towels, they’d be good as dishcloths anyways.

And as for summer knits, I have some idea but I’m going to use different yarn for them 🙂

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