Tiny top


If you read some of my previous blog posts, you know that a few times a year I donate my knits to animal rescue charity auction. It’s a small local rescue run by one woman who managed to build an amazing support network and helps many dogs and cats. Each auction also has one other chosen rescue that receives part of the collected funds.

This time, unlike previously, I didn’t have anything ready in my gifts and donations box, but I wanted to contribute even in a small way, so I used up the last skein of Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras colourway and knitted a cute baby top. It’s a very simple and lovely pattern, and it takes one afternoon to knit it.

I had to pick different colours of buttons as I didn’t have a matching colour set. I have doubts about the yellow one but I hope that the scrap of yarn I used to separate upper and lower part of the top has enough yellow to make it look acceptable. It’s probably time to update my buttons stash!


And since this post is about animal rescue, I thought I’d share a photo of Nika that my Mum sent me, just because I think it’s super adorable. She got so tired from playing that she fell asleep with a ball in her mouth!


11 thoughts on “Tiny top

  1. Sorry to have been a stranger, but I just spent 10 days in hospital with pneumonia! That baby top looks very familiar. Unless I’m mistaken, I’ve made several of them up myself. It is a quick and easy knit, and a very satisfying one.


    1. Oh no, I hope you are feeling much better! Pneumonia is an awful thing especially that I think you mentioned before you also have asthma. Sending you positive thoughts!
      And the top is a very popular pattern on Ravelry, and no wonder as it’s so easy, quick and cute!


  2. Just like your Nika, the dog I grew up with, my sweet Leni, also used to fall asleep with his favourite rubber ball close to his mouth, or a paw over it ! Just to be sure no one gets hold of his precious possession ! :-p
    It’s great to give charity to animal rescue, and your tiny top turned out super cute, perfect choice of button colours, just the right amount of bright. Love it ❤

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