Shopping time!


I have many projects waiting in my queue and it doesn’t really help that I reorganize it and add new patterns all the time. Like, seriously browsing Ravelry’s pattern database and reorganizing my projects queue is something I do almost daily, and I always enjoy it just the same. Some patterns have been waiting for their turn patiently for more than a year and don’t seem to get anywhere closer to being knitted/ crocheted, as there’s always something more urgent, that I need to start right now! That’s exactly how I decided that I absolutely needed a new reusable shopping bag.

I crocheted my first bag – initially made for shopping, then for the beach, and eventually it ended up as a project bag for my doily – about a year ago. There are some other bags I’m planning to make, such as this one – and since Drops offers 40% discount for their cotton in July, I might stock up on cotton yarn including all the colours for this bag. But for now, I thought I’d never knitted a bag, and decided to give it a try.


This is Ilene Bag by Hannah Mason, a super-stretchy market bag that reminds me of the type of shopping bags my Grandfather used to have back in the 1980s and 90s. Something like this. As a child, I was always fascinated with how much they could stretch! Well, this one doesn’t stretch that much, but still quite a lot.

It’s also an easy, repetitive pattern, great for mindless knitting. The main part is just yarn overs – knit together repeated in the rounds alternating with knitted rounds. I could knit it while working, which requires a lot of focus and doesn’t let me knit anything complicated.

It took a little below 2 skeins of Drops Safran, fingering cotton yarn from my stash. I’m thinking to knit it some day again with a thicker – possibly DK yarn, to be a little more sturdy. Although I didn’t have any problems when I went shopping and carried my groceries in this bag, it does seem quite delicate, so I wouldn’t use it for anything too heavy. But then again, I try not too carry heavy stuff anyway, so why do I worry…?

And there’s still room in the bag…

The flower ornament is not sewn to the bag, it’s just pinned so I can replace it with other motifs if I feel like that 🙂 I have a whole box of felted ornaments made by my friend from Poland and I felt like this sunflower was a good choice for summer. And it matches the brown colour of the bag.

So that was my impulse knit of the month! Do you often decide to postpone working on something you’ve been planning for long to knit/ crochet something else instead? I’m curious to know!


8 thoughts on “Shopping time!

  1. I have stuff jump the queue all the time — usually when I’m right in the middle of doing another project. I really need to discipline myself to finish one thing before I start something else. Like right now, I have 4 (four!) shawls going at the same time. I really need to finish two of them so they can be mailed off to their recipients. One is a pattern I wrote, didn’t like how the decreases were turning out, rewrote the pattern, but since I was 80% finished with the shawl, decided not to rip it out, but finish it and send it to someone — But I’m almost half finished with the new shawl, which I couldn’t wait to start. Same on the cable edged shawl pattern that I found free on Ravelry, which I decided to modify to have a different garter stitch lace edging that wouldn’t need blocking. I’m about 80% finished with the shawl from the original pattern, but I’ve already started the body of the shawl from the modified pattern. I’m also working on a “car seat baby afghan” which I started a while ago that I work on when I get one of the shawl patterns “too” memorized and get ahead of myself in the pattern and start making mistakes. And then there’s that whole drawer of UFO’s I really need to go through and frog out the ones I know I’m never going to finish. . . .

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  2. All the time really, some of the stuff I get busy with then leave them for later and start something else instead … 😉 I’ve several crochet projects on my hands right now, but actually, bags were the first thing I dared to try, my then still unskilled hands at, when I started learning crochet from visual charts. I have never knitted bags just because I fear that they’d stretch out of shape. Your knitted bag turned out really well, looks pretty 💮

    My May impulse project was the solid granny square bottom bag I crocheted from thin natural rope, which I really love and use for casual fair weather shopping strolls around the city. I knitted the i-cord handles though, so they feel almost silky soft to the touch, which wasn’t the case with the crochet ones.

    Your Granddad’s shopping torba reminds me of the very same type of grocery bag common in the socialist Yugoslavia of the 1970s and ’80’s. They were commonly called “mrežasti ceger” and everybody had them. I had no idea they were as common in Poland, it’s nice to know 🙂 Cheers !

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    1. Ha, yes, the elastic bags were a thing here too and some really “fancy” ones were very small and then stretched A LOT, it was quite impressive. They actually looked like knitted! It seems they were popular all around our corner of Europe back then 🙂


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