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Using up my cotton stash


I wanted to title this post “using up scrap yarn” or something similar, but then I realised that calling all that cotton “scraps” would be an understatement. I still had about 5 skeins of Drops Safran from my never-knitted summer top, and I kept wondering what to knit with them?

Since the previous batch of small cotton towels was a success (I use them a lot, especially at the gym, because they are small, handy and absorbent), I decided to knit more of them.


I chose seed stitch for the towels, as it creates a good texture and makes them a little more absorbent and soft. They are slightly larger than the previous ones, but still not too big. They also don’t take up much space in the washing machine and dry out quickly. All in all, a great use of spare cotton!


With the towels knitted, I still had some yarn left and I just wanted to get rid of it make something with it. So I decided to crochet a small summer baby blanket based on the Virus Shawl stitch. There is a paid pattern on Ravelry, but it really wasn’t complicated to crochet on my own, so I just adjusted the shawl pattern. However, the holes were too large for a blanket, and so I ended up with a stripey square and without any idea what to do with it. After some thinking, I decided to turn it into sort of a doily. Maybe not the most beautiful ever, but works just fine!


Both these projects were really easy and quick, and I could work on them even during the more intense working days. And now my cotton stash is almost empty so I have an excuse to buy some more, which was the goal!

9 thoughts on “Using up my cotton stash

  1. I like those towels. I can see how they would work very well for a gym situation. They’d work well in the kitchen, too. A lot of people don’t realize that what causes your hands to chap when you get them in water a lot is *wiping* them dry. Blotting them dry is much kinder to your hands. Those cotton towels are perfect for this because of cotton’s absorbancy.

    I happen to think your “doily” is beautiful. They’re fun now, but I have a feeling you’re really going to enjoy those bright, cheerful colors come winter!

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    1. Yes, I have a bunch of kitchen towels like those and live them! I’m thinking about trying to knit a full sized, bathing towel one day, to see if it’s just as good.
      The doily colours are so different from my usual home decor, but I think it will work fine in winter too!


  2. Great job adapting the Virus shawl pattern into a doily! I love the colors in it. And as for the towels, they make me wish I had scrap cotton too. 🙂

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