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No summer knits for me


As I mentioned before, the main and most busy part of my current work project is over (for now) and I can finally relax and rest a bit, taking advantage of the last sunny summer days. After two months of sitting at my PC into the wee hours of the day, seven days a week, I find it difficult to stay home for too long, so I go out a lot, taking any opportunity to walk or hike. Like, for instance, that day last week when I had to pick up Stella’s medication from the vet clinic and decided to take a 6 km stroll instead of driving. Totally worth it!

Some parts of Dublin are very rural, and the gentle Wicklow Mountains make it even more charming

Or this other time when I decided to visit Kilmainham Gaol, and old English prison, and the most filmed place in Ireland.

I’ve seen this place years ago in “In the Name of the Father” with Daniel Day-Lewis. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must-watch!

When it comes to knitting though… I’ve tried very hard to knit a summer top recently. I have a few skeins of absolutely gorgeous, colourful Loiusa Harding Noema yarn (cotton with some acrylic and polyamide) and no idea what to with them. At first, when I bought it on ebay, I had a plan, but then abandoned it… and another one, and one more… and then finally I decided to knit this light, mesh top. In fact, I did more than just decided – I knitted it almost to an end…

That was the beginning

…and then frogged it. It just didn’t feel like something I’d like to wear. the pattern was nice, the yarn was great, but still… no.

My another attempt was Togue Pond tank top. Last year I knitted it for my Mum in another Louisa Harding’s yarn – Colline (cotton+alpaca). It’s a simple, quick pattern, and I like the shape of the top…

The bottom part is shaped with short rows and it really adds a character to the design

…but I frogged this one, too. I actually finished it and even blocked this top, and then decided that it’s just not what I want.

Well, since I don’t really know what it is that I’d like to knit with this yarn, I put it away to my yarn box and I’m going to let it wait for a better time. Summer is coming to an end, and clearly my lack of interest in summer knits is here to stay, at least for now. And it’s ok!

In the end, I took out some of the Irish Fairytale Yarns merino and silk mix and moved on to another pattern from my queue: Drops Designs Sweet as Honey cardigan. It’s amazing what a difference knitting something I really want makes! I’m loving it, the yarn has a wonderful, warm brown colour (since I really wanted to add some neutral cardi to my wardrobe), and the pattern has lovely lacy details and delicate cables. I guess it’s a good lesson: to knit what I really want to, not what I feel I should!

So while I don’t have any FO to show you this time, at least I have a very enjoyable WIP I’m working on. Plus a very relaxed, peaceful end of summer. Not bad at all!


And I’m not the only one feeling relaxed… 🙂


13 thoughts on “No summer knits for me

  1. Glad you’re now making what you love – that’s exactly what our hobbies should be! 🙂 As for the cotton yarn, hope that some day you’ll find a project that you like.

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  2. I hear you about summer knits. I worked on shawls most of the summer, although I had a stint in hospital in May and health problems through most of the summer. Now I’m looking forward to more hats for a local cancer center (for people who lost their hair undergoing chemotherapy), and some wash cloths for gifts for my mom to take to her club that auctions such things for funds for a scholarship. I’m about to frog out one of the shawls because I don’t like it, to make another shawl in a different pattern.

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  3. Wow, what a gorgeous view! Visiting Ireland is definitely on my bucket list 🙂

    I like the Togue Pond top, is it pretty approachable for beginners?

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    1. It is really easy, short rows are the only more challenging design element for beginners but nothing too difficult. Plus it’s knitted in worsted weight yarn so it knits fast🙂

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