Quick destash


Summer is really over… and yes, I know I already wrote it before, but now the fall is here for good, with the leaves changing colours and its chilly, crisp morning air. Although according to the weather forecast, the temperature can rise to 21 degrees Celsius tomorrow, I’m skeptical. We’ll see when tomorrow comes. For now, even though I love the weather outside, I struggle a little with how cold it is in our apartment. I turned all the heaters on, but they’re not really working yet so my new blanket is a real blessing now.

Cats also tend to sleep in more cozy places, where they can feel a little warmer. Such as this old Ikea wardrobe that they had claimed a few years ago and use as their bunk bed combined with playground. We don’t keep our clothes there anymore (except for some rain coats I wear when I run and other equally bad looking but useful stuff), we just gave up and bought a normal wooden wardrobe which can be closed securely.


I’ve been keeping myself busy with quick, simple knits, to use up some of the single skeins of yarn left from other projects. I am awful at planning the amount of yarn, usually I somehow end up using less than the pattern suggests or I just buy more because the thought of playing yarn chicken gives me anxiety. And then there are plenty of single skeins of yarn in various colours, weights and kinds, that can’t really be used together for a scrap blanket, because they are so different. Every once in a while I make it my mission to use these leftovers up, which usually means knitting a hat or something equally small.

So, of course, I made a hat this time, too. It’s for my Mum, in Malabrigo Rios – the same as I chose for her Madigan top. The pattern I chose is Wurm and it’s the second time for me knitting it. This hat is very warm (like the name suggests, as “wurm” means “warm” in German), with it’s thick texture and double brim. The yarn is as awesome as ever, and the colour is perfect for dark winter days and I know my Mum will love it. It’s also a perfect one skein project. My only adjustment was knitting it less slouchy and, since I couldn’t decide which size to choose (S or M), I knitted it in between those two sizes.

It’s also the time of the year for another of cat rescue charity auctions I support with my hand-made items, so I decided to knit some baby pants and hat set. I had about half skein of Irish Fairytale merino yarn in fingering weight in each of 2 colourways, and that was enough to knit this set – there is even some amount still left so it ended up in my basket with really tiny yarn scraps. I use those sometimes for amigurumi or doll clothes.

I think this yarn is great for baby projects, as it’s a delicate but warm merino wool, which can be (carefully) machine washed so it’s not too time consuming for busy parents. And I noticed that baby stuff always sells fast during these auctions.


The last of my destash projects is for me: a pair of socks, also in Irish Fairytale yarn (sock yarn – merino and nylon), which I actually haven’t bought but received as a gift from the shop owners. There was a delay in processing my order last spring and they sent this skein together with the rest of my yarn as an apology, which was not expected and super nice of them. I’ve been waiting for the proper sock weather to use it and it finally arrived πŸ™‚ Here are my new socks – don’t you think they look like they’re on fire?


The colourway is called Autumn Rose and although I can see why, when I look at them I think about flames or a phoenix…

So there’s that. I still have a couple of lonely, odd skeins waiting for the right mood and inspiration to use them. I’m also on the lookout for some nice new yarn for the annual Boyfriend’s hat. There will be no scarf this time because he hardly ever wears one – it must be really very cold for him to suffer something wrapped around his neck (which barely happens in Ireland). But at least he wears the hats in winter so I guess I should just knit a few to make up for the lack of scarf πŸ˜‰

I’ve also decided not to knit Christmas gifts this year. I mean if I have some brilliant idea and happen to knit something that I know would make the recipient very happy, that would be great! Plus I’m absolutely giving my Arizona blanket to my parents. But in general I need to take a break from hand made gifts for a while. I don’t want to be that one relative who always gives everyone socks or other equally predictable and boring things πŸ˜‰ So it’s very likely that I have a long winter full of selfish knitting ahead of me, and honestly, I quite like this thought!




15 thoughts on “Quick destash

  1. Those baby things are super cute. Would your boyfriend wear a cowl? I do these really simple ribbed cowls that are like a turtle neck sweater without the sweater. My cousin who has horses likes them because he’s afraid to wear a scarf because it might get caught on farm machinery or something, or a horse might grab it and pull him over. He lives in the mountains and it gets cold and snows up there. He likes them long enough that he can wear them folded in half and have half he can pull up over his nose and ears (he wears a cowboy hat all the time!). A single thickness might work for your boyfriend, unless he doesn’t like pulling things on over his head . . . !

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    1. He acts like a fussy kid ready to throw a tantrum with anything wrapped around his neck, so I don’t think a cowl would help 😦 it must be really cold for him to tolerate a scarf or anything like that. In general he is very… particular about his clothes so I decided just to knit hats for him as at least he actually wears them and even requests me to knit them! Men can be wears than cats, I swear πŸ˜‰


  2. That’s a lovely variety of destash projects, and those socks are just awesome! I too consider it better to give away my handmade items only if I made them on request, or if someone appreciates an already finished item – surprise/seasonal gifts are just too unpredictable.

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  3. πŸ”₯ yes ! Just the look of them makes me feel warm, especially now with the early morning temperatures falling down to 6℃… Lovely ❀ colour of the hatοΈ™

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  4. You’ve been busy! What a bunch of lovely projects! I especially like your wurm hat. I MUST knit one of these. It seems like the perfect hat. If you feel the need to knit a Christmas gift, I will happily be the giftee! I can’t imagine a handmade gift’s ever, ever being boring. LOL

    Precious, precious kitties as always. ❀️


    1. Wurm hat is a great instant gratification project, and just perfect for cold winter days! I really recommend knitting it πŸ™‚
      Do you like dolls? LOL I feel the need to crochet another one and can’t find any excuse to do it πŸ˜‰

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      1. Yes, yes, yes!! Crochet a doll for me, and I’ll knit you a bird! 🐦😊


  5. Gorgeous knits! I love the hat and the rich color. The socks are really fun, and the baby clothes would be a cherished memento.

    I am also melting/laughing over how the cats took over the wardrobe. The little bunk beds are too cute.

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    1. The wardrobe was a lost battle from the start, and even now I’d love to get rid of it because it’s in terrible state and looks awful but it would totally break their hearts, it’s their safe space! They hide there from dangers like vacuum cleaner or a door bell πŸ˜‰ so now we are crazy people who have 3 cat trees and cat wardrobe plus a lot of other cat stuff in our 2 rooms apartment!

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      1. That is too cute! I love how the pets take over our living spaces. I will have to post a picture of Apollo’s couch and toy basket sometime for solidarity.

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