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Mint Tulip Skirt


Hi my friends, how are you?

I’ve been in such good mood recently, I’m loving these chilly, early fall days and beautiful colours around. And knitting with wool without any discomfort like it happens in summer!

I’m also busy with the video-conferences for work this week, but at least today my projects were only discussed in the morning (next days are going to be much more intense though) so I could still clean up the apartment, do a few loads of laundry, go for a walk, prepare dinner and I’m planning to hit the gym in the evening too. You know, to make up for hours of sitting in front of the PC in the coming days!

One thing regarding video-meetings: cats and internet cameras don’t mix well. Especially if one of your cats tries to eat more than she should (because I wasn’t watching so she could eat both hers and her sister’s breakfast) and then throws up on the floor behind you while you are desperately trying to ignore it, but also remember about it to avoid stepping in that by accident and hoping that none of your colleagues noticed anything.

But let’s focus on pleasant stuff, shall we? May I present you my latest finished knitting project, a new autumn/ winter skirt:

Of course I made a mistake in the top lace pattern repeat but I’m just quietly hoping that everyone will assume that it should be this way.

This is – you guessed it! – another Drops pattern, and I really wanted to be at least a little creative and choose a different colour than on the pattern photos, but I simply couldn’t resist this cool, minty green of Drops Sky. And the yarn itself is just divine: it’s alpaca with some polyamide and a little bit of wool with a chain-like structure that traps air and makes the garments super warm and squishy. Seriously, it’s so soft that I worried the skirt would felt quickly from wearing, but so far it seems more sturdy than I thought! I had to try it out immediately, so I wore it as we went out for dinner last Saturday, and then again for a walk, and then I went shopping in it, but it looks just as well as right after knitting.


I only changed one thing compared to the pattern: it instructs to sew in an elastic band into the waist, but I decided to use an i-cord instead and tie it up each time I put the skirt on. Partly because I didn’t have an elastic and I had to wear the skirt already! and partly because I feel more comfortable with easily regulated waist width.


I worried that the lacy elements would make it see-through, and maybe not warm enough, but in the end, I like it as it is. The yarn is fluffy and the little fuzz still manages to trap the air and keep me warm despite the tiny holes. As for it being see-through, I wear it on thick tights or leggings anyway, so if anything shows, it’s just a boring black fabric.

So I can say that my first knitted skirt was a total success and I’m already knitting another one! This time something cabled and really thick and wintery. It’s taking a lot of time with all the cables, but I think it’s going to be worth it.

In non-crafty news, my cats keep me from getting too relaxed. This time Ciri, who is overall very healthy but not very bright, keeps “encouraging” me to play with her every night by crying for about half an hour, which led to mild laryngitis. If you haven’t heard a cat with sore throat, just imagine the most pathetic screeching sound instead of normal meowing. For now, since the reason is mechanical irritation of vocal chords, we have to give her some time and watch for other symptoms, but there’s no need for medication, unless it doesn’t pass or she develops other symptoms. But the little fool just can’t shut up, so of course it’s not improving and I guess we’ll have to visit the vet again over the weekend, because such constant irritation of already sore vocal chords can lead to pharyngitis or other issues.

That’s all from me today, and I hope that you all are feeling great too, whether you’re enjoying the fall, hating it, or maybe live in a climate without autumn or winter at all!





14 thoughts on “Mint Tulip Skirt

  1. You’re young and small and can wear skirts like this one, which is very cute. (You did a lovely job on it, too!). I’m not so small, and not into skirts. I think I maybe own a total of three — all mid-calf or longer. I’m a pants kinda gal. Pants and tees/tops are my uniform. Still, that’s a lovely skirt.

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    1. To be honest, except my one summer skirt, this is the first skirt in my wardrobe but I definitely want more now πŸ™‚ I love dresses and jeans, so time to add skirts too!


  2. Ohhh, my!!!! Super cute skirt!! I’m laughing at your story of cats and teleconferences. With me it’s usually barking dogs. So happy we haven’t had any throwing up. πŸ˜† Poor kitties. Sending good vibes for healthy tummies and throats. ❀️

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  3. The skirt is so cute! I can totally see why you’d want to wear it right away. πŸ™‚ And it looks like you’ve got your hands full with the kitties. Hoping the throat gets better soon. (I never really thought about it, but how would you even make a cat shut up?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can’t, especially one so silly like Ciri who can’t understand that she’s making it worse! For me too, because I don’t take her nightly meowing too well πŸ™„

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    1. Thank you, I bought the nail polish almost a year ago in Brussels and finally have a perfect garment to match πŸ˜€
      I honestly didn’t know that about cats either, I was surprised when she first tried to meow but only let out a quiet screech! And then I googled it and the vet confirmed, and apparently it happens to silly cats who don’t know when to stop meowing πŸ™„


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