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Aran knitting

20181013_145544So far, October hasn’t been a very good month for me. Some time at the beginning of the month I started feeling sick with a cold. But as days went by, it hasn’t gotten any better – in fact, I’ve been feeling weaker and more miserable with each passing day. Finally the Boyfriend told me that it’s ridiculous to just expect it to pass on its own, booked me an appointment with my GP (because I still thought it was just a cold), and then I found out I had pneumonia. Luckily, it is mild and only located in one area of my right lung (seriously, it’s a bizarre feeling when I cough and feel exactly where the inflammation is!), so I avoided going to hospital and could be treated at home. It’s been two weeks now, and I’m still taking antibiotics and steroids, but it is much better. I am weak, I cough (but significantly less than before), and Prednisolone makes me feel awful as it usually does, but the pain in my chest is almost gone and I can see some improvement. I even went out for a while yesterday, and while I couldn’t walk much, it felt really nice to breathe in the fresh autumn air. I am going for a review visit tomorrow again and I really hope I will not need another round of medications – or at least that I can stop taking some of them, because my stomach isn’t taking it all very well and my sense of taste is also almost completely gone. Fingers crossed.

So while I’ve been at my worst, I couldn’t really knit, read, or do much of anything. I’ve been mostly sleeping a lot (I actually got some additional meds to help me sleep as Prednisolone kept me awake at night… or day) and just trying to survive till another day when I could hopefully feel better. Only in the last few days have I started knitting again and it was so great to feel the yarn in my hands!

Here is what I made last week:


Two hats made with another single odd skeins of yarn – they’re going to be given away to a homeless charity, because they are really warm and I think they’re going to be useful at this time of the year. I’m really happy with the Fair Isle one – it’s the first time in months for me to try colour work again and it went so much better than any of my previous attempts! I didn’t really have any problems with controlling the tension this time. It might be a sign to knit a new Fair Isle sweater?

But before getting really sick, I managed to finish my second skirt. It’s based on a free Patons Yarn pattern, Skirting Around, and it’s an aran knit – which means it’s full of cables, Irish moss stitch, and delightfully thick and warm. I used Drops Karisma, which is a superwash, DK weight yarn, in light gray. This skirt was a demanding knit – it required focus and it was a little hard on the hands, as cables are tighter than plain stockinette stitch, so some effort was necessary to knit them. But I took it slow, working about 2 repetitions of the central heart panel a day,  and now it’s ready and waiting for winter in my wardrobe.

I haven’t blocked it yet so the cables look uneven, but soaking it in water and flat blocking should relax them enough to look well.


Unlike in my previous skirt, where I resigned from sewing in the elastic and knitted an i-cord instead, in this case I actually followed the pattern and used the elastic band in the waist. This skirt is so thick and somewhat stiff that an i-cord or similar solution seemed not enough. We’ll see how it feels when I have a chance to actually wear it.

I have a general idea to wear it with thick, fleece thighs or leggings and some ankle-length or longer boots. That should be perfect for winter and keep me really warm and nice even on very cold days. In fact I could even endure a few days of real, snowy winter, just to feel awesome in my skirt! Maybe it will inspire me to visit my parents in winter (I usually avoid it at this time of the year), as snow is much more likely in Poland than in Ireland? 😉



10 thoughts on “Aran knitting

  1. You have my entire sympathy. I had a bout of pneumonia myself this past May, very unfun. Glad you avoided hospitalization (I didn’t!). I hear you about the prednisolone. Makes me eat my head off and bounce off the walls. Glad you’re on the mend now and back to knitting. I love the skirt.

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    1. Thank you! It is strange because there was no chesty cough (at first), fever, nothing more than cold symptoms with unusual fatigue so I really didn’t expect pneumonia. Then it got worse. Good news though: it’s my last day with prednisolone today!

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  2. I’m so sorry that you had to deal with pneumonia 😦 I’m glad your boyfriend booked you an appointment! (Don’t feel bad though, I’m the same way- I hate going to a doctor unless I really have to!)

    Those makes are beautiful! I agree that the skirt would look great with leggings and boots! 🙂

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