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Is it really November?

The title of my post may sound like I’m a little surprised, and it’s not without a reason. I’ve spent all October at home, with just a few days in the middle of the month when I felt able to go out, and having a whole month just pass me by feels weird. Suddenly the trees are almost leaveless, and the days are visibly shorter. My cats are a little more fluffy with their thicker, winter fur, and much more cuddly as it gets colder.

When I last updated my blog, I was on the mend from pneumonia, and able to go out again. Well, that didn’t last long (not more than a few days): the Boyfriend caught a cold and 2 days later I had a cold too. Just that, while his cold ended after a week, mine turned into another chest infection – and another round of antibiotics and feeling miserable. Maybe it wasn’t even another infection, just the previous one that hadn’t really had a chance to be fully cured.

Anyways, it’s finally  better again, and I took my last antibiotic tablet today. I’m feeling well and even the fatigue is gone. I still need to have some blood work done, to check if all the medications haven’t done any damage to my liver, and because I’m losing my hair in chunks – but I hope it’s only going to get better and better from now on!


While I’ve been stuck at home all those weeks, I knitted another pair of gloves. I used the same purple yarn as in the stripey jumper, and I’m absolutely proud of them. Even though, when you have a closer look, you can see that I really shouldn’t, because I made a huge mistake in the pattern!

Here is the original. I can’t even explain how it happened (I suppose I can blame brain fog from the illness, right?), but I somehow didn’t notice that they are purled, and I kept using the knit stitch all the time. I noticed it at the end of the first glove! I could see that the cable is strange, and not as defined as it should be, but I thought it would look better when the gloves are ready.


To be honest though, I still love them. I was able to knit the fingers exactly as wide and long as I needed – unlike in usually too long, store-bought gloves! I also like that they are longer, they’re going to keep my forearms extra warm.


I was so happy with these gloves that I decided to knit a different pair with the same purple yarn for a Friend, and another one in brown for my Mum, and then something for the Boyfriend too (even though I’m going to have to force him to wear them, because he’s just as bad about wearing gloves as about wearing scarves)… but when I chose a pattern for the Friend, the gloves turned out very huge, so I frogged them and decided to take a break from knitting for a while. I will get back to gloves later.

In the meantime, I took out a hibernating crochet piece – the pineapple doily. Crochet is really a nice change after weeks of knitting, and I’m enjoying it so much! I am currently starting the fourth repeat of pineapples in the next section of the doily (I don’t have any photos so I will post them in a later update), and it’s such a relaxing, beautiful project. My only worry is that it’s growing very fast and more than I had expected, and I really don’t know where will I be able to block it… but I’m not going to worry about that now.

And this is how my November has been so far! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Is it really November?

  1. You definitely should go get checked by a doctor. That your hair is coming out in clumps is very worrying. Hope you’re on the mend and are all better soon. I love the gloves. Not something I’d tackle, but you are a more adventurous knitter than I am. That’s such a lovely purple.

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    1. Yes, check up is already booked, so we’ll see what’s the reason. Hopefully nothing that can’t be fixed quickly.
      I thought gloves were a very challenging thing to knit but turns out, they are much less complicated than I expected and I enjoy knitting them!


  2. Hope your tests come out good – that’s a long stint of antibiotics, but I’m glad you feel better now.
    Love the gloves, even the inadvertent all-knit look! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your progress with the doily.

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    1. Thank you Anita, it’s high time to get out to the world of the living 😉 I usually love to be at home and rarely get bored but this time it was just too much. The weather now is awful but I still went for a walk yesterday just to enjoy the wind on my face and being outside!


  3. Ciri and Stella are getting cuter & cuter, so fluffy with their winter furs. To be honest, I’m a bird and dog person in the first place, but your babies look so cuddly they make me smile with every picture you post. Speaking of cats, they’re known as healers, aren’t they? I hope you fully recover soon with the two of them by your side 😊

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    1. Thank you for your nice words! Ciri is absolutely not a cuddler, at least not with me – she only accepts the boyfriend. His her world, and she purrs for him, but I better stay away! But Stella is the most cuddly girl in the world and keeps me warm ❤

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  4. Oh, no, I’m sorry you got sick again! 😦 I hope you and your boyfriend are feeling back to normal!

    I honestly would not have noticed the error in the gloves, they are lovely! They look really tricky to knit.

    Aww the kitties look so adorable and snug 🙂

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    1. We are both fine now, thank you, although I’m still more fatigued than I should. But the infection is finally gone.
      The gloves look tricky but in fact are not as bad to knit!


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