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Instead of a Jumper (part 1)


What do you knit when you have plenty of bright red and white wool that was initially meant to be a Christmas jumper, and when you are in festive, Christmas mood?

That’s right, you knit socks! And because you can’t decide if you prefer them white with red Scandinavian pattern or red with white pattern, you just knit two pairs. And then you like them so much, that you decide to knit more for your Mother and for your Friend, because you know they love warm, cosy socks just as much as you do 🙂

These are my first hand knitted socks made with thicker than typical sock yarn – because Drops Karisma is somewhere in between DK and worsted weight (even if officially it’s classified as DK, it is a little thicker). Add to that the stranded knitting around the ankle, and the resulting socks are really very thick and keep my feet nice and warm on these chilly and windy days. Additionally, these are the first hand knitted socks I have that are not even a little too loose for my feet! Usually with wear, woolen socks stretch a bit and let me tell you, I hate too loose socks.

If you look carefully, you will notice that I made pattern mistake on both red socks at the top. I noticed it too late in both cases so I just pretend I don’t see it now 🙂 For comparison, below on the photo of white socks you can see the correct pattern.

I still haven’t figured out how to keep the tension even when I move from one DPN to another – I find it very tricky; I tried wrapping yarn behind the needles like when the strand is carried along the longer sections of contrasting colour, and while it helped, it didn’t completely solve the problem. You can see this problematic area on the above photo, on the right sock, starting at the left end of the large star. I don’t really care too much in this case, because the whole fabric stretches and it’s not overly noticeable (and even if it is, I am the only person who sees it anyway), but it would be nice to learn how to solve this problem for any future stranded knitting projects. It would definitely be more visible and problematic in gloves…


My socks are ready, and so are additional pairs for my Mum and my Friend, and I’ve also finished another project made with the Christmas Jumper yarn. I’ll post an update soon, when I’m done blocking it and take a few photos!


7 thoughts on “Instead of a Jumper (part 1)

  1. Gorgeous, and so festive! ❤ Your mom and your friend are gonna love their socks!
    Looks like tension issues somehow creep into most in-the-round projects? It isn’t really evident, though. (Even when you point out exactly where.)
    Waiting to see your other project…

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    1. It’s just transfering the yarn from one DPN to another, I can’t keep control of tension in both strands of yarn, especially the one carried behind. I really have no clue how people do it. And starting a new round as well. To be positive:at least I have a new learning goal I guess😉

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  2. Tension! I think every knitter struggles to maintain it. I love your beautiful socks. I ordered some long circular needles in 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm as I plan to start doing some socks and I like to do mine two at a time. (I have a terrible time with second sock syndrome!)

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