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Hats, plain and simple

I was planning to write a short Christmas post with wishes to all my readers and visitors to the blog, but as the saying goes – if you want to make gods laugh, tell them your plans! That concerns not only this blog, but also all our Christmas plans, including the meals we were going to prepare which I mentioned in my previous post, and some light holiday hiking along the coast. Instead, I spent almost a week mostly in bed or on the coach, because my chronic condition (unclassified IBD, which has been mostly dormant for the last several years and only acts up mildly from time to time) decided to remind me about itself.

Still, even though I didn’t feel like updating the blog, and all of Christmas cooking had to be done by the Boyfriend (he did well and didn’t complain even once!), it wasn’t a bad time at all. My yarn arrived and I had knitted two new hats for the Boyfriend – since he refuses to wear scarfs or gloves, but actually requested new hats himself. I wanted to knit something a little more fancy, with cables or maybe some colourwork pattern, but both these options were rejected instantly. He just wanted plain, “normal” hats, and so I chose the Classic World War 2 Watch Cap and the Boyfriend Beanie, knitted in brown Drops Nepal and gray Drops Lima.

Both projects were super pleasant to knit – I love knitting hats; there’s just something soothing about an easy, repetitive pattern and working with very soft yarn.

And since Drops alpaca-based yarns are on sale until the end of the year, I restocked my stash not only to knit these hats, but also bought some Alpaca Bouclé (I’ve been wanting to knit a sweater with a bouclé yarn for a long time, and finally decided to just give it a try!), Drops Air (super soft, fuzzy, worsted weight yarn), Drops Sky and some Drops Andes (first time ever that I’m buying bulky yarn!). All of these yarns are thicker than my more usual choice of fingering weight, and I’m amazed how much faster it is to knit with them!

It took me just about 4 days of lazy, not too intensive knitting to produce all the elements of my new jumper in Drops Air:

Next step is sewing (ugh!), and then I hope to post an update on my new sweater!

In the meantime, I’d like to wish you all a happy New Year! May 2019 be a great year for you, a time to make your dreams and plans come true, including those knitting- and crochet-related!

7 thoughts on “Hats, plain and simple

  1. I love the color of the new jumper. So bright and cheerful. I have to say, my feeling on knitting jumpers in pieces is that if I wanted to sew things together, I would have taken up sewing instead of knitting — LOL! I’m about to tackle my first jumper as soon as I order the yarn (not until next payday, alas!) It’s knitted all of a piece and it has a colorwork yoke. Seeing your beautiful results has made me brave!

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    1. I feel similar about knitting jumpers in pieces but I liked the pattern so much that I just couldn’t resist. Good luck with your first sweater!


  2. Nice festive frames for the pictures! Hope you’re feeling better now.
    “Plain, normal” is very much in the vocabulary of my dad too, lol. (Not that he ever requests for anything either.) Love the hats, I’m sure your boyfriend is happy with them.
    I too love the color of the jumper – it’ll look gorgeous when assembled, no doubt.

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    1. Thank you! The “plain and normal” request should be helpful, but usually he takes it too far and in fact it’s more difficult to find something acceptable 😁Men!!!

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  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your IBD, but glad you were able to rest and work on some crafty projects. I laughed when I read your boyfriend wanted “normal” hats. My husband probably would have said something similar :ppp The hats look cozy and warm 🙂

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