My last finished project in 2018

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you are having an amazing final day of 2018 and that the coming year brings you joy and many new, exciting projects – including crafty ones!

I am spending the night just how I love – being lazy at home with my cats (I wouldn’t really like to leave them alone tonight, they’re scared of the fireworks so I feel better keeping an eye of them), knitting, playing games on my PC and drinking some sparkling wine. I’m not the biggest fan of New year’s Eve celebrations in general, so a cosy and slow night at home is just perfect for me.

Before the year ended, I managed to finish my Bewitched jumper and I have to say I’m simply in love with it. Everything is just perfect. The yarn is divine, it’s so light that I can clearly see why it’s called Drops Air. It’s worsted weight, but in fact it’s much lighter than any of my previous sweaters, including those knitted with fingering weight yarn. It’s very soft and fluffy, and the deep burgundy shade is just wonderful.

It was also a great opportunity to learn fisherman’s rib stitch, and I think it’s a perfect stitch for chunky, wide scarves. However, I followed the instructions from the Very Pink Knits video rather than the original pattern which made it unnecessarily complicated.

I made a few photos yesterday but because the days are a bit dark at this time of the year and I only have an old camera and my mobile, the photos turn our blurry without good lighting. If I use flash, the colours are completely fake, so there is not good solution really. I hope the photos show enough despite these issues.

Posing as Mona Lisa to expose the sleeves 😉

Usually when I knit a garment, I wash it and block it lightly by shaping it while it’s wet and drying flat. But honestly, I was so impatient to wear this sweater that I skipped the whole washing part and just steamed it (I made a delicate suggestion to the Boyfriend this year that if he’s looking for Christmas gift ideas, I already have a chosen steam generator iron and let me tell you, for the first time ever am I ironing my woolen clothes and I’m already wondering why haven’t I bought it earlier?) to relax the yarn a bit. It would take days in the current weather for it to dry out, so obviously I couldn’t have waited this long, right?

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that sewing this sweater was easier than expected. Because the yarn is so fuzzy, any mistakes are easily covered, plus I think I finally managed to get a grip of sewing my knitted items. It took some explaining to myself that it is, in fact, very similar to normal sewing, which I’ve learned years ago as a child. Realising this helped me a lot and once I sat down to join all the pieces, it took about an hour for the jumper to be finished (including knitting the neck).

So this was my last finished object in 2018. I don’t like to keep my hands idle (plus I have some awesome new yarn so obviously I really can’t keep myself away from it…) so I’m already knitting another sweater. Let me just leave this small preview of the amazing fabric created with Alpaca Bouclé – it feels and looks like a light, fluffy cloud, and I can’t wait to have the sweater finished and wrap myself in all this yummy softness:

9 thoughts on “My last finished project in 2018

  1. Your sweater turned out very nice. Interesting sleeves with puffy forearms. I’m afraid my last FO for 2018 was the last-minute Christmas ball I knit for a friend and mailed off the Wednesday before Christmas that got there on Christmas eve! I think next month I’ll be able to get the yarn for this sweater I want to knit — my first. Looking forward to that.

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  2. Simply fabulous! ❤ Even without considering the longer drying time of the season, I totally get why you'd be impatient to try it on. And the Bouclé – oh yumm, it's so inviting! (I can actually feel my heart beat faster, haha…)
    Wish you a great year of knitting, crocheting, and life in general!

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  3. Happy New Year Kat! The sweater came out beautifully 🙂

    Aww poor cats…I was just wondering how cats deal with fireworks, since my dog hates them too. 😦

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    1. Thank you & happy New Year!
      My cats are scared of everything but at least this year Ciri tried to growl at the windows instead of hiding behind the wardrobe 😏

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